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Fratello Cigars are the brainchild of Omar de Frias who grew up next to a cigar shop in the Dominican Republic. His life's journey included stints as a professional basketball player in the Dominican, and with NASA. He finally returned to his first love - cigars, and the results have been spectacular.
Fratello (Italian for brother) takes a bold direction, not only in their innovative blends, but also in their unique packaging, hallmarked by a singular angled band. Try Fratello, Fratello Bianco, Fratello Navetta, and Fratello Oro, and See for yourself why this brand has taken the market by storm.


Fratello Cigars


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Fratello Bianco Cigars

Fratello Bianco

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Fratello Navetta Cigars

Fratello Navetta

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Fratello Oro Cigars

Fratello Oro

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