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 few years ago, a TV show came out that revolved around a group of people trying to navigate the United States amidst a mass of zombies. Since that show came out, zombies and the zombie apocalypse have become the new craze. There are plenty of books out there that explain to you the best way to destroy these undead creatures, and ways to survive if there is ever an outbreak. I've read them. I've studied them. They offer boatloads of valuable information, but the one thing they don't mention is how to ensure cigar safety. Sure, if the world is overrun by zombies, you should be able to find a few humidors that were left behind. But what happens in the middle of the night when you're on watch duty? You can't just get up and leave your sleeping compadres vulnerable like that. Enter the Herf-N-Go samplers. Here's what you get with Herf-N-Go: a 5-count Herf-A-Dor, a guillotine cutter, a torch lighter, and a 5 pack of cigars.

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