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Humidors (50 & Above Capacity)

Somewhere in between a starter and a fanatic, you boast an impressive collection of finely chosen cigars. Now give them the proper accommodations with a humidor capable of housing over 50 cigars. You get to pick the style, but one thing remains the same no matter what you quality and the ideal conditions to keep your cigars properly stored until you’re ready to enjoy them.
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Old Glory Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewOld Glory 100 Capacity Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $140.00Only $119.99In Stock
Royal Tradition Humidor  125 Cigar CapacityQuickviewRoyal Tradition Humidor 125 Cigar Capacity $205.99Only $163.99Only 3 Left
Cameroon Humidor  60 Cigar CapacityQuickviewCameroon Humidor 60 Cigar Capacity $420.00Only $227.99Only 1 Left
Presidente Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewPresidente Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $175.00Only $99.99Backordered Notify
The Escalade Trunk Humidor  5000 Cigar CapacityQuickviewThe Escalade Trunk Humidor 5000 Cigar Capacity $500.00Only $349.99Backordered Notify
Dome 1626 Humidor  75 Cigar CapacityQuickviewDome 1626 Humidor 75 Cigar Capacity $210.00Only $148.99Out Of StockSee All
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