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J.C. Newman

J. C. Newman is an American company with well over 100 years of bringing cigars to the US. They're responsible for brands like Cuesta-Rey, Brick House, Diamond Crown, and more. In addition, they're the US distributor for Arturo Fuente. These mellow to medium-bodied cigars are steeped in history and with their impressive resume, you know J.C. Newman premiums are top-quality. White Heather is a Cuban-sandwich blend that’s smooth and flavorful with notes of leather, oak, and a hint of spice, while Hampton Arms delivers smooth flavor of subtle sweetness and spice in this medium-bodied Nicaraguan handmade, and Judge Wright is a tasty Nicaraguan-made Cuban-sandwich cigar full of leather, earth, and sweet spice notes. Buy the well-made J.C. Newman cigars at affordable prices. 


Don Seville Valencia Cigars

Don Seville Valencia

Pack of 20 [5/4]
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Factory Throwouts Cigars

Factory Throwouts

As low as $21.99
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Hampton Arms Cigars

Hampton Arms

Pack of 15
Only $30.99
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Judge Wright Cigars

Judge Wright

As low as $54.99
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La Unica Cigars

La Unica

As low as $6.25
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White Heather by JC Newman Cigars

White Heather by JC Newman

Box of 20
Only $49.99
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