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La Sirena

La Sirena

La Sirena is a new brand, spearheaded by Nestor Miranda. All of their lines are unique in flavor and impeccably constructed. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, you should begin your search here. A rich and robust smoking experience with notes of chocolate, espresso, wood, and spice fills the palate with the La Sirena cigars, while La Sirena Jaxx LT is a smoother satisfying medium-bodied tasty cigar full of notes of leather, cream, sweet wood, and spice. For a fuller-bodied smoke, La Sirena Jaxx is the ticket. Robust flavors of leather, wood, and sweet spice deliver in this premium. La Sirena – a one-of-a-kind brand that’s calling to your humidor. 


La Sirena Cigars

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La Sirena Jaxx

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La Sirena Jaxx LT

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Oceano Cigars

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Porthole by La Sirena

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