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Larrysson Pipes

Paul L. Hubartt, the man behind Larrysson Pipes has spent years honing his craft. He grew up in Indiana and started to attend meetings at the local pipe club and developed a love for pipes. As he began to delve deeper into the hobby, an opportunity arose for him, his wife and their young son to move to Cornwall, England. Never one to shy away from challenges, Paul moved his family (his wife is originally from the area). After meeting Marco Janzen, a well-regarded pipe repairman from Germany, Paul began to follow his passion of creating pipes. He spent years perfecting his craft and gained a loyal following of collectors. After a freak accident Paul decided to step away from pipe making for a while, and when we heard he was back, we contacted him to start carrying his pipes. After a few emails back and forth he made us a batch pf pipes, and let’s just say his pipes are better than before. His shaping and engineering is on par with the best of the high-grade carvers, but Paul has kept his prices down. Buying a Larrysson Straight Rhodesian pipe ensures you will receive a unique, balanced, properly engineered pipe, at a fair price.    


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