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Latitude Zero

Latitude Zero is a new and exciting brand of cigars made with rare and exclusive tobaccos from the Oliva Tobacco Company. The wrappers used in this new series are limited availability capas, so inventory may vary. These elegant cigars are well-balanced and overflowing with flavor. From the original fuller bodied Latitude Zero and the richly flavored Latitude Zero Excursion to the uniquely blended medium-bodied Latitude Zero Experimental and the affordable Cuban sandwich Latitude Zero Tortas, you’re getting a quality cigar at bargain-friendly prices. Add a few of Latitude Zero to your rotation and see for yourself how great these cigars are.


Latitude Zero Cigars

Latitude Zero Cigars

Only $7.50
Out Of Stock
Latitude Zero Excursion Cigars

Latitude Zero Excursion

As low as $8.00
5 Options
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Latitude Zero Experimental Cigars

Latitude Zero Experimental

Pack of 5
Only $33.00
In Stock
Latitude Zero Tortas Cigars

Latitude Zero Tortas

Only $3.50
Out Of Stock
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