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Mark Twain Pipe Tobacco


Mark Twain Memoir:

Select, rich Burley is combined with choice, zesty Virginia and aged to perfection. Then the tobaccos are treated to a singular cordial flavor that delivers a mellow sweetness to the taste and creates a room note that's so enjoyable.

Mark Twain: 

Mark Twain pipe tobacco is made of rich, ripe Burley along with some bright Virginia, finished with a top note that creates a pleasant room note, and a slightly nutty-sweet flavor that you can enjoy at any time of day.

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Answers for the Crossword puzzle:
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3. Pilot
7. Elmira
8: Pauper
10. Literature
11. Hundred
12. Halleys Comet
16. Typesetting
18. Travels
21. Huckleberry
22. Missouri
24. Americans
25. Started
26. White Wash
27. Hartford
28. Sixty


1. Nevada
2. White
4. Tesla
5. Satire
6. Grant
9. Presbyterian
13. Hawaii
14. Corn Cob
15. Moderation 
17. Newspaper
19. Lecturer
20. Sleeping
21. Humorist 
23. Fathoms

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