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Michal Novak

Michal has been making pipes since 2009. His original profession was as a journalist and photographer which lead him to write about smoking, which gradually shaped his journalistic approach towards the preparation of materials for pipe making and pipe tobacco.

During Michal’s journalistic career, he spent some time working as Chief Editor for the magazine "Cigar and Pipe Cocktail," and since 1999 has been a member of the Académie Internationale de la Pipe, where he is active in the section - briar pipes.

Michal has visited all the European companies manufacturing pipes and many studios in Germany, Italy, and Denmark. With each visit he made, he had this idea to try making a pipe someday. One of his main inspirations occurred while visiting his friend Alberto Paronelli in Italy. During the visit, Alberto gave Michal a small historical pipe which really motivated Michal to make pipes. Later, Michal accepted an invitation from Jan Kloucek to visit his workshop. Using the historical pipes as a model, Michal made his first pipe. He modified the shape a bit to accommodate a more traditional shape and size.

After this initial success, Michal made pipes for his own smoking pleasure and several other pipes at the request of friends. Since he retired from his journalism career, he has had time to fully concentrate on professional pipe making. Michal works closely with Jan Kloucek and has had the honor of being one of the students in his pipe-school.


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