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Neerup Pipes

Neerup Pipes

Peder Jeppesen started making pipes in 1977 when he graduated from school. He began his pipe making career with Karl Erik and then worked with Erik Nording, between both companies he worked for a total of eighteen years. After a brief time away from the pipe industry, he returned to his true love and opened his own workshop in 2002. Since then, Neerup pipes have slowly taken the pipe world by storm. His unique Danish shapes are his signature style and each pipe is hand finished in his workshop. Every Neerup pipe is drilled correctly and all have thin, comfortable stems that Peder custom designed to his specifications. Check out the new Danish master of high-quality pipes at very affordable prices.  

Check out the latest Neerup pipe lines to arrive:
Basic Group 2 
Basic Group 3
Structure Group 2 
Structure Group 3

As well as the new Neerup Cleaning Kit and the Neerup Leather Pipe Bags​.


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Neerup Ida Group 2 Pipes

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Pipe Accessories

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Neerup Cleaning Tools

As low as $4.99
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Neerup Tamper

As low as $17.99
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