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New Pipes

The last few months have been busy for us because all the new pipes that we purchased at the industry's largest trade show have been arriving. In addition, we've gotten in a lot of fresh stock for a number of the lines that we've carried for years, like Stanwell, Big Ben, Peterson, Savinelli, and Nording. We've received a huge shipment of Meerschaum Depot pipes, and we'll be adding even more in the coming months. Don Warren sent us a nice group of artisan pipes, and we have even more pipes of every kind on order. No matter if you like large or small, briar or meerschaum, contemporary or classic, flashy or conservative, there are a bunch of pipes on this page that you'll want to look at. Check back to this page often because we'll be adding even more new pipes in the near future.
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Chacom 996 PipesQuickviewChacom 996 Pipes4 Options  As low as $121.99 See All
Savinelli Fantasia Rusticated 320KS QuickviewSavinelli Fantasia Rusticated 320KS  $125.00Only $99.99Only 3 Left
Savinelli Roma 707KS  Billiard-Bent (707KS)QuickviewSavinelli Roma 707KS Billiard-Bent (707KS) $105.00Only $84.00Only 1 Left
Stanwell Relief 13  Billiard-Straight (13)QuickviewStanwell Relief 13 Billiard-Straight (13) $84.50Only $76.05Only 5 Left
Big Ben Churchwarden 108 Tan QuickviewBig Ben Churchwarden 108 Tan Sale $120.00Only $89.24Only 3 Left
Big Ben Woody Wood 108 Black Matte  108 Black Matte Nature TopQuickviewBig Ben Woody Wood 108 Black Matte 108 Black Matte Nature TopSale $153.00Only $118.14In Stock
Big Ben Lectura PipesQuickviewBig Ben Lectura Pipes7 OptionsSale  As low as $102.84 See All
Chacom Reverse Calabash Sand Blast QuickviewChacom Reverse Calabash Sand Blast  $86.00Only $76.99Only 4 Left
Stanwell Featherweight Black Smooth 200 QuickviewStanwell Featherweight Black Smooth 200  $89.00Only $83.70Only 3 Left
Chacom Year PipesQuickviewChacom Year Pipes3 Options  As low as $130.99 See All
Scott's Pipes Artisan PipesQuickviewScott's Pipes8 Options  As low as $112.49 See All
Don Warren PipesQuickviewDon Warren Pipes9 Options  As low as $100.00 See All
Kristiansen PipesQuickviewKristiansen7 Options  As low as $224.99 See All
Mastro Geppetto PipesQuickviewMastro Geppetto15 Options  As low as $134.99 See All
Ser Jacopo PipesQuickviewSer Jacopo6 Options  As low as $242.99 See All
Neerup Classic Group 2 Smooth  002QuickviewNeerup Classic Group 2 Smooth 002  Only $122.00Only 1 Left
Caminetto PipesQuickviewCaminetto3 Options  As low as $404.99 See All
Savinelli Punto Oro 123 QuickviewSavinelli Punto Oro 123  $358.00Only $286.40Only 1 Left
Neerup Ida Group 2  004QuickviewNeerup Ida Group 2 004  Only $147.60Only 1 Left
Meerschaum Depot Claw Medium 1031 QuickviewMeerschaum Depot Claw Medium 1031 New  Only $129.99Out Of StockSee All

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