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Nicaraguan 2nds

Nicaraguan 2nds
Bundles Starting at $19.99

Hailing from a Nicaraguan-based company whose name you would identify immediately, we have affordable bundles of cigars that have the same rich flavor as the regular ones, but maybe the color is a little bit off, or there's a sunspot or two. There are no bands or fancy boxes, but the enjoyment is there in spades, for a whole lot less than you would normally pay. Choose from Nicaraguan 90+ Rated Seconds in a nice variety of sizes; Nicaraguan Gordos, short, chunky cigars that smoke like full-sized ones; and, Nicaraguan Sweets, premium long-filler cigars with a sweetened cap. We've taken a sacred oath not to tell you who the manufacturer is, but if we told you, you'd clean us out of our stock in minutes.

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Nicaraguan Gordo 2nds 60 Conerico (4.0"x60) Pack of 15QuickviewNicaraguan Gordo 2nds 60 Conerico (4.0"x60) Pack of 15 $114.30Only $39.00In Stock
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