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Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz Cans


Cornell & Diehl has created noteworthy blends that have people coming back for more. That is exactly what you will find with Old Joe Krantz Red, White and Blue cans. Each blend has their own unique flavor and smoke that makes them stand out from the rest. If you are looking for the perfect sit-down and relax you will want to have Old Joe Krantz Blue in your pipe. Or if you are looking for a moderate strength blend that has a smoky, sweet and spicy array than you will want to try Old Joe Krantz Red. Last but definitely not least is Old Joe Krantz White which features a mixture of white and dark Burleys all tied with a sweetness and a bit of spice. Here is your chance to try one of your favorite blends by reducing the price to $8.99 for a limited time! The perfect time to stock up and save on your favorite Old Joe!

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