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Those who want to leave cigar smoking to relaxed gentlemen in comfy chairs are overlooking something. All kinds of people enjoy smoking cigars at work, in restaurants and grand cafes or even during turbulent sailing trips. That is the active environment in which the elegant Panter feels best at home. It is a natural product for active people with good judgement who enjoy smoking without inhaling.

Of course it is a little cocky to offer your future employer a Panter during your first job interview, but it does show strength of character. You are smart, perceptive and inimitable. These are the characteristic features of the Panter.

Within a period of twenty years, Panter has become the lifestyle cigar brand. And this natural product is now finding its way throughout the world. Seeking out smokers who are not interested in beating around the bush but who like to get down to business quickly.

A good cigar is a good cigar and this ought to be seen by the way there are packed. That is why Panter cigars are packed in sought-after tins with trendy designs, or in extremely modern-looking and hard-wearing plastic packs. Panter is also a cigar brand that represents a direction in life. The Panter brand is not afraid to stick its neck out in a generally traditional cigar market. This was already the case during the Eighties, with the flashy Sprint cigars (currently number four on the list of national best sellers and tipped for the top) and Tango, thereafter with the revolutionary 'Lights' and again with the extremely popular Mignon de Luxe and these days with Vitesse de Luxe which is available in packs of ten.

Panter is the proof that the cigar can be so much more than just a pleasant accompaniment to moments of relaxation. The dynamic Panter can be smoked any time and anywhere. Certainly the latest addition, Panter Mignon de Luxe Sweet, has a soft and sweet flavour. A cigar which certainly surprises and is destined to attract its own discerning group of smokers. It is soft, sweet and aromatic and is great for in-between times. This is typically a trail which the ever-restless Panter dares to blaze.


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