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Peterson System Pipes


Peterson is known for a lot of things, but arguably their most iconic achievement was the creation of the Peterson System. The Standard System pipes come in a variety of shapes and have a singular look with bright metal caps on the shanks with army-type stems. Most of the stems come with the P-Lip which directs the smoke toward the less-sensitive roof of the mouth. But what really sets these briars apart is the System reservoir. When you look down the shank, you’ll notice a recess below the draft hole. When the smoke leaves the chamber, it swirls around and deposits some of its moisture, which runs down into the reservoir. That means an end to gurgling. For the next week, we have a deal for you that’s truly irresistible. We’re going to take $40 off our everyday low price on these pipes, bringing them down to only $79.99. Yes, you read that right but wait, there’s more! We’ll also include a genuine leather Peterson zippered tobacco pouch (a $23.99 value) absolutely free. This is an unbelievable value that you’ll likely never see again, so grab one while supplies last.

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