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Welcome to Pipe-A-Palooza, our largest pipe sale of the year!  What you will find here is a very large selection of some of the best pipes on the market partnered with fantastic offers including unbelievable prices and bonus items. Choose from Stanwell, Baraccini, Viking, Roma, Peterson and so many more great brands! There’s almost certainly going to be a pipe (or two) that will catch your eye, with offers you won’t want to pass up. Pipe-A-Palooza only lasts for a limited time, so take a look now before the pipes you want are gone! 

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Stanwell Borup Flawless No 1 QuickviewStanwell Borup Flawless No 1  $292.58Only $234.99Only 1 Left
Don Warren PipesQuickviewDon Warren Pipes6 Options  As low as $170.11 See All
Meerschaum Depot Smooth PipesQuickviewMeerschaum Depot Smooth3 OptionsSale  As low as $170.99 See All
Michal Novak Linda PipesQuickviewMichal Novak Linda4 Options  As low as $233.75 See All
Meerschaum Depot Lattice PipesQuickviewMeerschaum Depot Lattice5 OptionsSale  As low as $170.99 See All
Meerschaum Depot Carved Large 1015 QuickviewMeerschaum Depot Carved Large 1015 Sale  Only $179.99Only 1 Left
Nording Group 18 0004 QuickviewNording Group 18 0004   Only $539.00Only 1 Left
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