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Welcome to Pipe-A-Palooza!It’s always nice when there’s a sale on pipes, especially with fantastic discounts that we are able to give you. Because it’s Customer Appreciation Week – we saved the best for last - Pipe-A-Palooza which is filled with amazing discounts on pipes from Peterson, Savinelli, Ascorti, Hilson, and many, many more – some as low as $40.99! There’s almost certainly going to be some pipes that you want, at prices you won’t want to pass up! Here is the catch, it only lasts for four days, so take a look now before the pipes you want are gone. Just one more way that P&C lets you know that we truly appreciate your business throughout the years! 

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Rossi Otranto 123  Pot-BentQuickviewRossi Otranto 123 Pot-Bent $137.00Only $110.00Only 2 Left
Blowfish Chrome  Blowfish-Bent (Chrome)QuickviewBlowfish Chrome Blowfish-Bent (Chrome) $140.00Only $79.99Only 1 Left
Antique Billiard Straight  Billiard-StraightQuickviewAntique Billiard Straight Billiard-Straight $200.00Only $180.00In Stock
IL Ceppo PipesQuickviewIL Ceppo Pipes4 Options  As low as $275.00 See All
Ascorti Sabbia PipesQuickviewAscorti Sabbia Pipes4 Options  As low as $200.00 See All
Luciano Sandblast Light Egg  Ball-BentQuickviewLuciano Sandblast Light Egg Ball-Bent  Only $160.00Only 1 Left
Ascorti Cool NUS  Poker-Bent (PKR1)QuickviewAscorti Cool NUS Poker-Bent (PKR1)  Only $463.94Only 1 Left
Junior Noce Lovat  Lovat-StraightQuickviewJunior Noce Lovat Lovat-Straight  Only $135.00Only 2 Left
Genod Large Classic -4  Diplomat-BentQuickviewGenod Large Classic -4 Diplomat-Bent  Only $180.00Only 1 Left
MacQueen PipesQuickviewMacQueen Pipes2 Options  As low as $75.99 See All
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