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Pre-Built Blend Kits

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As many of you know, tobacco blending is a favored pastime of many members of our hard-working staff -- but why should we have all of the fun? Pipes and Cigars would like you to experience the world of blending which is why we are introducing our Pre-Built Blend Kits. These kit offerings include kits for house blends that soon will be unavailable anywhere.

P&C’s Pre-Built Blend Kits are comprised of all the necessary tobaccos to mix some of your favorite blends, and they even come in convenient pre-measured bags. The kits are designed to allow you to open the pre-measured bags into a clean bowl and to mix the tobaccos together yourself. Just follow this simple process to get the same great blend you have long enjoyed! Included in each kit will be expert tips on how to properly mix and store your tobacco blends. 

Pipes and Cigars is very excited to share the mixing experience with our valued customers. For now, these kits will only be available for bulk blends, but we hope to develop kits for some of your favorite packaged blends in the future. Go ahead and experience the world of tobacco blending, it might be your next hobby!

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