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The original Punch cigar was created in 1840 by a Cuban cigar manufacturer named Manuel Lopez. In an effort to attract the British market, he named the cigar after Mr. Punch, the cantankerous half of the Punch and Judy puppet shows, which also inspired the name of the famous British humor magazine. Produced in Honduras for Villazon Company under the direction of a great Cuban cigar master, Frank Llaneza, Punch has been a leading premium brand ever since it was first imported from Honduras in 1969.


Punch (Original) Cigars

Punch (Original)

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Punch Deluxe Cigars

Punch Deluxe

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Punch Diablo by AJ Fernandez Cigars

Punch Diablo by AJ Fernandez

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Punch Gran Puro Cigars

Punch Gran Puro

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Punch Grand Cru Cigars

Punch Grand Cru

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Punch Signature Cigars

Punch Signature

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