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Right Price $29.99


We decided to change things up for today’s s​pecial. Instead of offering one line of pipes, cigars, or accessories, we decided to structure this showcase around the price point of $29.99. Our team searched our site for items that were in the $29.99 price category, and we found a bunch. There were also a few products that were close, so we lowered the price to $29.99. Sit down, take a look around and enjoy P&C’s Right Price Sale. ​

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JetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter - Yellow QuickviewJetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter - Yellow  $35.00Only $29.99Only 2 Left
Xikar X875 75-RING Cutter - Black QuickviewXikar X875 75-RING Cutter - Black  $35.00Only $26.50Backordered Notify
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