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RO Blends

RO Blends

The RO Blends Series consists of blends created by our Master Blender Russ Ouellette that he conceived based on his own preferences. The initial release, Fire Storm, is a robust Virginia/Perique with the addition of dark-fired Kentucky from a special crop. Subsequent blends will generally be limited editions because they will use special tobaccos that will be available in small quantities.

The RO Series Perique Blends are a landmark in Russ' years of tobacco blending. Mark Ryan, of L.A. Poche Perique Company, offered Russ the opportunity to create blends using unique varietal Periques made from different sections of the Golden Triangle growing region. These tobaccos have never been used or made available to the public before, and due to the very limited quantities (they were only made one year), the number of tins will be limited by supply. Russ created blends that take advantage of the singular qualities of each varietal.
Finally, The RO Series Acadian blends are made with a whole new type of tobacco. Russ and Mark Ryan worked together to try processing bright yellow Canadian Virginia in the same method as Perique which they named Acadian Gold. The result is a sweet and flavorful tobacco with much more depth than typical Virginia. There are three unique blends that showcase the remarkable properties of this fabulous tobacco.

Pipe Tobacco

RO Blends - Fire Storm Pipe Tobacco

RO Blends - Fire Storm

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