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Rossi Pipes

Rossi has been a major name in pipes for over 100 years. Prior to World War II, they were the largest manufacturer of pipes anywhere. They were known for producing great smokers at a reasonable price, but their business began to flag in the post-war years. Recently, Savinelli had an interest in seeing this classic brand reborn and acquired the rights to the Rossi name, now making these affordable, solid briars available to pipe enthusiasts. 


Rossi Free Rustic Pipes

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Rossi Napoli Pipes

Billiard-Straight (8111)
Only $90.00
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Rossi Otranto Pipes

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Rossi Palermo Pipes

Billiard-Straight (101)
Only $100.00
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Rossi Rubino Pipes

Only $51.20
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Rossi Salerno Pipes

Poker-Bent (310)
Only $67.99
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Rossi Siracusa Pipes

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Rossi Sitter Pipes

Brandy-Straight (8344)
Only $67.99
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Rossi Vittoria Pipes

Only $39.99
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