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Russ' Birthday Kake Blends


Welcome to Russ' Birthday Celebration! Where not only do you get to help him blow out his candles but you get to smoke the Kake too! For his birthday this year, we have created some outstanding deals that will have you begging for more Kake. I am sure you are seeing a pattern forming so let's get right into it. From now until Sunday at midnight, we have taken some of Russ' favorite bulk Kake blends and given them a discount up to 40% off! But that is not all, we also created a must try blend in Russ' honor called RO62. It is a mystery blend that you will not want to miss. It's a premium 2oz Kake blend that we only have 750oz of and when it's gone, it's gone! Make sure you add that to your cart with the other slices of Kake! 

CLICK HERE To Try Russ' Birthday Kake Blend - RO62

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