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Scotty's Fisherman Series


Fishing and pipe smoking go together like bratwurst and sauerkraut. Scotty's blends are among our most popular and helped put P&C on the map. These blends will make great companions when you're out on the lake and Butternut Burley, Trout 
Stream and Bass Pond have a huge following. We're now adding a new blend - Salmon River, a Burley blend with a warm maple note that is sure to be a hit. Finally, we're bringing back an old favorite, but this time in bulk. Angler's Dream was loved by the P&C Faithful for being a high-quality, Burley-based tobacco with hints of honey, chocolate, and a whisper of cinnamon. Get ready to cast a line while enjoying these superb blends.

Because we expect exceptionally high volume on these blends during the one-week sale period, they may be intermittently out of stock, but will be producing more throughout the week. If your favorite is out, please check back.

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