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Small Humidors (1-50 Capacity)

Your collection may be small, but it’s still worthy of a great place to rest. Whether you’re just starting out your cigar hobby or you want some extra storage to supplement your larger collection, small humidors have the perfect amount of space to fit your needs with room for up to around 50 cigars. Properly house your precious cigars in these simple to detailed selections that are all fine works of art in their own regard. Stock up your small humidor with premium choice cigars available here at the most budget-friendly prices. 
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The Callahan Humidor  50 Cigar CapacityQuickviewThe Callahan Humidor 50 Cigar Capacity $232.99Only $163.99In Stock
Adirondack Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewAdirondack Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $199.99Only $139.99In Stock
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