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SPC Reserve

Seattle Pipe Club Reserve Blends
Now Available

One of the best things about being a pipe smoker today is that we are able to smoke incredible tobaccos (for now). And because the tobacco industry is still rooted in the processes and manufacturing techniques that are decades old, sometimes tobacco gets misplaced for years, sometimes decades. 

Just such a batch of tobaccos were recently found and the master blender behind the Seattle Pipe Club Blends, Joe Lankford, got his hands on them. What does a tobacco genius do with a small batch of rare leaf? Thankfully Joe decided to use them to enhance his two most popular blends and by doing just that he created his first ever Reserve blends. He took it one step further by having these blends pressed into 4oz plugs for optimal enjoyment now, and tremendous aging potential for the future. If you enjoy Mississippi River or Plum Pudding, or both, you owe it to yourself to try the new Seattle Pipe Club Reserve blends. We can't stop smoking them at the P&C Ranch.  
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