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Stanwell Black & White Pipes


P&C is kicking off the holiday shopping season featuring modern and historic pipes from one of the world's most renowned pipe manufacturers, Stanwell. One of their newest lines of pipes is their Black & White pipes which come in a variety of well-known Stanwell shapes and two finishes, smooth matte or sandblasted black. They also feature dual stems – a standard length white and a churchwarden length black acrylic with black and white trim rings to complete the package. 

Now for the historic pipe... Stanwell began making pipes during World War II for the Danish market, but because briar was unavailable, they made the pipes from beechwood. Recently, they released a run of beechwood pipes to celebrate their past.

So, here’s the deal – Buy a Stanwell Black & White Pipe and Receive a Stanwell Beechwood FREE! That’s three stems, two pipes, one low price!

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