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Straight Stem Pipes

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Crown Sport Red PipesQuickviewCrown Sport Red13 OptionsSale  As low as $26.39 See All
Peterson Christmas  X105QuickviewPeterson Christmas 2018 X105  $148.00Only $122.99Only 4 Left
Antique Billiard Straight  Billiard-StraightQuickviewAntique Billiard Straight Billiard-Straight  Only $200.00Only 5 Left
Stanwell Gilt Edge Smooth 228 QuickviewStanwell Gilt Edge Smooth 228  $300.00Only $149.99Only 5 Left
Big Ben Boomer Tan  Billiard-Straight (Tan)QuickviewBig Ben Boomer Tan Billiard-Straight (Tan) $83.00Only $66.99In Stock
Junior Noce Lovat  Lovat-StraightQuickviewJunior Noce Lovat Lovat-Straight  Only $135.00Only 1 Left
Gamboni Jet Bulldog  Artisan PipeQuickviewGamboni Jet Bulldog Artisan Pipe  Only $499.99Only 1 Left
Mastro Geppetto PipesQuickviewMastro Geppetto9 Options  As low as $143.99 See All
Hex Shank Bulldog  0012 - Hex Shank BulldogQuickviewHex Shank Bulldog 0012 - Hex Shank Bulldog  Only $340.00Only 1 Left
Peterson High Grade Assorted X105  Army Spigot X105QuickviewPeterson High Grade Assorted X105 Army Spigot X105  Only $397.99Only 1 Left
Mastro De Paja Castanea 1001AN QuickviewMastro De Paja Castanea 1001AN  $357.00Only $257.00Only 1 Left
Ser Jacopo PipesQuickviewSer Jacopo5 Options  As low as $270.00 See All
Peterson Flame Grain 606 QuickviewPeterson Flame Grain 606  $195.00Only $175.50Only 1 Left
Square Shank Dublin  0011 - Squar Shank DublinQuickviewSquare Shank Dublin 0011 - Squar Shank Dublin  Only $450.00Only 1 Left
Meerschaum Depot Metal Medium 1006B QuickviewMeerschaum Depot Metal Medium 1006B   Only $129.99Only 1 Left
Stanwell Bamboo PipesQuickviewStanwell Bamboo4 Options  As low as $116.00 See All