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Tim Thorpe Pipes

Above all, Tim Thorpe considers pipe making to be a form of art as well as functionality. Each block of briar is different and holds potential that must be revealed with in the production of the pipe. Tim says…”The possibilities are endless when it comes to shapes and finishes." He strives to produce the best possible pipe with engineering, design and creativity.

Tim began pipe making back in 2006, and like many other carvers he bought two pipe kits from Tim West. After making them he developed a passion for pipe making instantly. Tim West provided a great deal of inspiration in Tim’s pipe making career.

All of Tim’s pipes are handmade, with close attention to detail. He uses only the best briar from all around the Mediterranean and it is cured for additional time in his workshop. Tim primarily uses Italian briar. All of his stems are hand cut from Ebonite, Bakelite and some special Acrylics and he incorporates the use of exotic materials such as pre-ban ivory, horn, silver and various exotic woods for stem extensions. Tim says “Producing something with your hands is very rewarding, and this is what compels me to make the best pipes I can make and I learn more with in each pipe crafted."

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