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Torch Flame Lighters

Let's face it, you rarely light a cigar without some kind of air movement that will blow out a match. A torch-flame lighter is the perfect answer. The sharp blue flame will stand up to just about any condition and will get your stick fired up in no time.
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Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black QuickviewPalio Triple Torch Lighter - Black  $20.00Only $14.99In Stock
JetLine G5000 Triple Table Lighter - Black/Black QuickviewJetLine G5000 Triple Table Lighter - Black/Black  $60.00Only $39.99Backordered Notify
Xikar Tech LighterQuickviewXikar Tech Lighter6 Options  As low as $22.50 See All
Xikar Flash Lighter - Black QuickviewXikar Flash Lighter - Black  $29.99Only $22.50Backordered Notify
Xikar Exodus Lighter - Gun Metal QuickviewXikar Exodus Lighter - Gun Metal  $59.99Only $50.99Backordered Notify
JetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter - Yellow QuickviewJetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter - Yellow  $35.00Only $29.99Backordered Notify
Lamborghini Forza Silver CF QuickviewLamborghini Forza Silver CF  $175.00Only $119.99Out Of StockSee All

Torch flame lighters are virtually windproof with super- hot flames that get your cigar lit quickly. They use flavorless butane fuel and most require no flints for ignition. Get your cigar going in any kind of conditions with a torch-flame lighter.

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