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Tsuge pipes are known around  the world for innovative styling and remarkable engineering. From their more traditional briars to their briar/metal hybrids, the attention to detail is evident in everything they make.

After years of success in bringing beautiful, high-quality pipes to the US, Tsuge proudly releases their own pipe tobaccos. The Four Seasons series are all gentle-smoking, pleasant aromatic tobaccos, and the Gods series are blends using rare and costly leaf from around the world. Finally, tobaccos worthy to stand up to the awesomeness of a Tsuge pipe.

Pipe Tobacco

Tsuge "Gods" Gunjin

1.75 Ounce Tin
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Tsuge E-Star System Pipes

Cherrywood-Straight (Carbon)
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Tsuge Kaga Pipes

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Tsuge Kiseru Pipes

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