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War Horse

War Horse was a line of Irish workingman's tobaccos - robust blends that could be satisfying, even in a small bowl during break time. Their tobaccos were never readily available in the US, and disappeared entirely decades ago. The brand was revived a few years ago to bring back these outstandingly rich crumble cakes that are an unusual combination of full aromatic qualities and bold strength.
There are two blends available - The bold War Horse Bar (a plug tobacco), and the all-new War Horse Green, a blend with the same strength as War Horse Bar, but with a richer top note, in the vein of some current production Irish-created tobaccos.

Pipe Tobacco

War Horse Bar Pipe Tobacco

War Horse Bar

1.75 Ounce Tin
As low as $10.99
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War Horse Green Pipe Tobacco

War Horse Green

1.75 Ounce Tin
Only $12.89
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