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Dunhill Nightcap (Tin & Bulk)

Dunhill Nightcap is one of the "big three" Dunhill blends, and is far and away the heftiest of the bunch. There are excellent Virginias and Orientals in here, no doubt, but the real stars of this show are the substantial amount of fine Latakia and the addition of darkly sweet and peppery Perique. For a full-bodied smoke that's the ideal ending to a long day, Nightcap is a superb choice.

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Customer Reviews of “Dunhill Nightcap (Tin & Bulk)”
An excellent, complex English blend. Full flavored but not overpowering. An excellent afternoon or evening smoke.
AF of McPherson, KS
Was really mislead by many YouTube videos claiming this blend was a knockout, blow your head off, hallucinate kind of blend. Not so much. Very bold yes, smooth and creamy with a decent nicotine level but nothing over the top. A really good blend. I smoke it in a smaller bowl and if I want more I pack it again. I think that's where guys go wrong, by packing huge bowls. Don't be intimidated try some, I did and I like it anytime of the day.
JA of Greendale, WI
Let me begin by saying how I love the fast shipping at P&C. Nightcap is a very stout mixture and the smell hits as soon as the seal is broken on the tin. It seems earthy and smoky at the same time. It serves best after loosening the tobacco in the tin, then putting a little on paper to dry and breathe. After it is allowed to breath and settle down, pack it into the pipe moderately loose. After lighting, the peppery spice of Latika will hit, but not too overly strong. Nightcap is certainly strong, so sip it. It has enough nic to last you the night, but make sure you have a cool drink on hand to rinse the palate, and the flavor will return again and again to the end.
CT of Cache, OK
I opened this up and the tin note is a nice smoky smell. I've heard its hit and miss on the moisture level, but mine was dry enough to pack right away. The initial flavor is smoky but has a delicate english spice to it. Semi sweet notes throughout, burned easy and long. I smoked it for an hour and a half. It smoked dry and cool and left a nice ash for an easy clean up. I really liked this blend, it was full bodied and strong. My wife said the room note wasn't as smoky as other English blends I have and that it almost had a sweet smelling aroma. Rotation worthy or sharing with friends. Take it low and slow.
This is some good stuff! One of my long time favorites. Ive tried the bulk but i only smoke it on special evenings (very smoky and full flavored) so i stick with the tins. Tins can be a little damp (not wet or pg to death) but five min rest before packing seems to be about perfect to dry it right. My old lady cant stand it (Wife repellent), even the smell of it in tin gets her all choked up. I use this to my advantage to keep her outa my shop lol. All in all a great tobacco, brings me right back to wilderness camping in Canada when I was a kid.
AG of Delray Beach, FL
Rich , long lasting , smooth and relaxing , great in the early mornings or before bed 9/10
DD of Tampa, FL
I'll make it short and sweet, Nightcap is the best diversion from the others by far. Great rich blend, and I recommend it highly. Try it.
DG of Lewisville, TX
This stuff's very good, very simple and bold, yet elusive... the smoke seems to have such a smooth "texture" to it, it burns pretty cool as well. One of my favorite English blends.
BC of Monument, CO
Back in 2002 when I first started smoking a pipe this was the first blend I tried. Still enjoying it to this day. dont smoke big bowls of this or else it will knock you upside the head with the nicotine. But I reccomend checking it out if you like full blends.
MH of tucson, AZ
The Pipes and Cigars description is spot on; a rich, full-bodied smoke perfect for the back porch at the end of the day. I'll always keep this one in stock.
JG of Winter Garden, FL
This has a great taste, easy to light, very pleasant smell. Reminds me of a peaked scotch. The only problem I have is personal. I am not used to tobaccos that have a big nicotine punch, so I only smoke a half bowl of this. If you are used to that then there should be no problem. I also spent time aging it with oak pieces for half a year and the taste became much smoother and had a vanilla element added.
DM of Greenville, NC
It's listed as full flavored....and by golly it definitely is! This is a great tobacco. Not a full draw kind of smoke in my opinion, but doesn't need to be sipped on either. It has a nice blend of flavors going on all through the bowl with the Virginias, Orientals, and Latakia. sweet (just enough), spicy and smoky all at the same time. I know that this is now at the top of my list for an English blend. I am an aro fan too, but this is a must for me and will always have some on hand.
SS of Monroe, OH
This is now my all day all night smoke. If I had a wash tub to smoke it out of I would. Not the person to ask to pick out flavors. But if you like latakia this is it. Leaves a nice sweet taste in your mouth. The nicotine is no big deal. But it was the only thing that helped me quit smoking cigarettes. I see it's on back order. I should be telling you all it sucks!!! HAHA
AU of Knoxville, TN
I haven't been smoking a pipe for too long so I was a bit hesitant to try a stronger tobacco with Latakia in it. After reading the positive reviews on the P & C web site, I wanted to give it a try. The more I smoke this blend, the more I like it. When I light up a bowl, it seems to get better the further down it burns. I don't have the most discerning pallet, but all I can say is that the flavor is outstanding! I think this is becoming one of my favorite tobaccos as I want to smoke it every evening to relax. If you smoke a big bowl in one sitting, you will feel the nicotine. If you want a strong English blend that will relax you, Nightcap is the one.
CS of Greeley, CO
The third lat blend I've tried. They're all pretty tasty. This one is tops. The nic hit can remind you of when you first smoked cigars if you're not careful. Smaller bowls, imho, however advocates of big bowls suggest they bring out even MORE flavor. You can forget about the nicotine rather easily due to the tremendous taste, and it is not for the feint of heart.
MW of Ocala, FL
Just finished my first bowl of this blend and am very satisfied. As other have said, it seems to get better as the bowl goes on. Very smooth, very relaxing, very tasty. Not much more to say - this is what I am looking for in a pipe tobacco.
DF of Galveston, TX
I love Dunhill Nightcap its one of my favorite tobaccos I have it anytime of day it's perfect for when you need to wind down after a long days work.
KJ of Aiea, HI
I purchased the dunhill night cap thinking it would be good but I was completely wrong first off the smell of the tobacco was god awful it actually made me wrech and the taste was none to good either terrible product not worth it if I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10 it would be a one hands down
SS of El Paso, TX
Full flavored, Review says all day Blend? I dont think I would smoke it all day, because the tast would would get old. I also need to smoke it outside, because my wife hates the fragrance. This is a good, even with a new pipe It smokes a little hot but no tounge Bite. Smoking it out of a large bowl and a new pipe, one relite with the new pipe. Really good tast after the relite, no Bite!!! Monday 2/2/2015 just smoke it all day so far. no bite. For me not a all day smoke! Alternating it would not be bad. For me I'll be sitting out back with a Rum and Coke and Nightcap!
GA of Katy, TX
Very smooth .. I loved it... although the name implies its a nighttime thing I found it was awesome all day long ...consider new name? Morning,noon and nightcap :)
SK of Fort Wayne, IN
Being new to pipes I gave this a try, and while I'm probably stating what is close to sacrilegious, I'm putting this in an airtight mason jar and letting it sit for a while. Way too strong for me right now. I will have to come back to this in a month or two. Yikes!
MS of Houston, TX
Does anyone remember the way Dunhill Nightcap used to be, say in the mid 1960's? It's still good now, but I remember it to be more complex and easier on the palate. So now I try to tweak MY Own Blend to try to reconstruct this venerable blend. So far, best results come from a 38% Red Virgina, 25% Latakia, 25% Oriental, 12% Perique. I named it Nightcap REDUX. When the package arrives, I crumble some Escudo flake or Davidoff Flake on top, as I still don't know what the secret ingredient of the original Nightcap was. I am getting closer, and would welcome some hints.
RS of Orleans, MA