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Pipe Tobacco for Beginners

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If you’re just getting into pipe smoking, we get that it can be a bit overwhelming with hundreds of options and variations of pipes and pipe tobacco to select. Having so many options can make it hard to know what to start with. We’ve put together a little guide to help you out. 

First in pipe smoking for beginners, you’ll want to pick you’re pipe, and we’ve got a great article on the topic here by our master blender Russ Ouellette called Russ’ Views: Selecting a Pipe and Not Something Else? 

Now that we’ve helped with your pipe selection, you’ll need some tobacco suited to your tastes. When choosing the best pipe tobacco for beginners, you’ll want to consider a few things. If you like cigars, most likely you’ll enjoy non-flavored tobaccos like a mellow burley. If not a sweet aromatic with less body would be a good place to start. If you’re going from cigarettes to tobacco, a Cavendish is a good starting point due to their affordability and light-bodied profile that mimics the tongue feel of smoking a cigarette. 

You’ll also want to consider how often you plan to smoke your pipe to determine how much tobacco you’ll want to purchase right away. If you know it won’t be too often starting out then 2oz. tins or sampler packs are a great option to figure out exactly what tobacco you prefer. Once you know what tobacco you really like and are smoking more regularly you can find your favorites in bulk to enjoy every day. 

Other things to know when picking out tobacco are to not make your selection based on smell alone because what you’re smelling doesn’t always translate to its smoking properties. Consider the body of the tobacco, starting out you probably don’t want anything too overpowering that would be full-bodied. Last but not least, store your tobacco correctly. The best way is to transfer your tobacco to a mason jar with the lid screwed on tight. This will keep the tobacco from getting dry and stale. Use a tobacco pouch to store your tobacco for the day’s use. 

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