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When you think of Vikings, you generally get an image of rugged people, and that was the concept that the folks behind the Viking pipe brand used when coming up with their amazing line of tobacco and pipe pouches and travel cases. All of the pouches are in shades of brown, some textured while others have a burnished finish that gives them an aged and weathered appearance. These sturdy and well-made leather goods are meant to last for years and at very attractive prices. We're certain that you're going to love Viking pouches!

Pouch dimensions (W x H x D):

1 Pipe Combo Pouch                        6.5" x 3.125" x 3.375"

3 Pipe Travel Case                             7.5" x 4.675" x 3.25"

Large Flap-Over Tobacco Pouch     5.5" x 3.375" x 1.125"

Compact Box Pouch                          4.125" x 3.5" x 1.375"

Zippered Tobacco Pouch                  6.0" x 3.125" x .875"

Roll-Up Pouch                                     6.125" x 3.125" x .875"                    

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