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Lotus is a relatively new name in lighters, but they've quickly established themselves as innovators, creating lighters that are stylish, eminently functional, but surprisingly affordable.

Lighters (18)

Lotus 10 Tuscan Lighters
Lotus 10 Tuscan1 Option  $62.99 
Lotus 11 Gaucho Lighters
Lotus 11 Gaucho1 Option4.5 out of 5Ratings2 $39.99 
Lotus 2520 Double Down Lighter - Gray  Gray & Chrome
Lotus 25 Double Down1 Option3 out of 5Ratings4 $49.99 
Lotus 38 Zephyr Lighters
Lotus 38 Zephyr3 Options  $37.26 
Lotus 46 Commander Lighters
Lotus 46 Commander1 Option  $53.99 
Lotus 48 Apollo Lighters
Lotus 48 Apollo2 Options  $74.99 
Lotus 50 Rogue Lighters
Lotus 50 Rogue1 Option  $44.99 
Lotus Black Label Bentley Lighter
Lotus Black Label Bentley Lighter1 Option  $29.99 
Lotus Black Stanley Lighter
Lotus Black Stanley Lighter2 Options  $25.99 
Lotus Condor Lighters
Lotus Condor3 Options4.29 out of 5Ratings24 $24.99 
Lotus Czar Lighter
Lotus Czar Lighter3 Options  $53.99 
Lotus Duke TRIPLE Lighter
Lotus Duke TRIPLE Lighter3 Options4 out of 5Rating1 $59.99 
Lotus Fury Lighter
Lotus Fury Lighter3 Options  $44.99 
Lotus Fusion Lighter - Black  Black Matte
Lotus Fusion Lighter4 Options  $59.99 
Lotus Maltese Lighter
Lotus Maltese Lighter1 Option  $44.99 
Lotus Mercury Double Torch Oliva Lighter
Lotus Mercury Double Torch Oliva Lighter1 Option  $49.99 
Lotus Sable Double Torch Lighter
Lotus Sable Double Torch Lighter1 Option  $44.99 
Lotus Table Top Lighter
Lotus Table Top Lighter2 Options  $49.99 

Cutters (3)

Lotus 11mm Punch Cutter - Black Matte
Lotus 11mm Punch Cutter3 Options5 out of 5Ratings2 $26.99 
Lotus Fury Cutter
Lotus Fury Cutter1 Option  $44.99 
Lotus Jaws Cutter
Lotus Jaws Cutter4 Options3.5 out of 5Ratings2 $24.99 

Ashtrays (1)

Lotus 12-Finger Ashtrays
Lotus 12-Finger Ashtrays1 Option  $32.99 

Butane (1)

Lotus Butane Fuel
Lotus Butane Fuel1 Option4.33 out of 5Ratings3 $3.99 

Humidors (1)

Lotus Carbon Fiber Humidor
Lotus Carbon Fiber Humidor1 Option  $69.99