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Orlik is one of the largest producers of pipe tobacco in the world. Located in Assens, Denmark, they are responsible for making some of the most popular blends available, including the long-time Danish favorite - Orlik Golden Sliced and the long-time favorite, Dark Strong Kentucky.

Pipe Tobacco (5)

Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky Pipe Tobacco
Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky1 Option4.72 out of 5Ratings75 $5.99 
Orlik Golden Mixture Pipe Tobacco
Orlik Golden Mixture1 Option4.09 out of 5Ratings11 $8.67 
Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco
Orlik Golden Sliced2 Options4.66 out of 5Ratings226 As low as $9.58 
Orlik Mellow Mixture Pipe Tobacco
Orlik Mellow Mixture1 Option4.31 out of 5Ratings29 $8.67 
Orlik Racing Green Pipe Tobacco
Orlik Racing Green1 Option4.82 out of 5Ratings11 $5.99