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Torch Flame Lighters

Let's face it, you rarely light a cigar without some kind of air movement that will blow out a match. A torch-flame lighter is the perfect answer. The sharp blue flame will stand up to just about any condition and will get your stick fired up in no time.
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Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black
Palio Triple Torch Lighter - Black  $20.00$14.99In Stock
JetLine Roggo Double Lighter
JetLine Roggo Double Lighter2 Options3.25 out of 5Ratings4 $14.99 
JetLine Z-Torch Insert  White
JetLine Z-Torch Insert White4.25 out of 5Ratings12$14.99$9.99Only 4 Left
Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch Lighter
Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch Lighter6 Options  $99.99 
Jetline Gotham Lighter
Jetline Gotham Lighter2 Options  $24.99 
Xikar Tech Lighter
Xikar Tech Lighter6 Options  As low as $29.99 
Lotus 48 Apollo Lighters
Lotus 48 Apollo2 Options  $74.99 
Xikar Trezo Lighter
Xikar Trezo Lighter2 Options  $84.99 
S.T. Dupont Maxijet Lighter
S.T. Dupont Maxijet Lighter6 Options  As low as $179.99 
Colibri Apex Torch Lighter
Colibri Apex Torch Lighter2 Options  $47.99 
Lotus Czar Lighter
Lotus Czar Lighter3 Options  $53.99 
Colibri Monaco Metallic Triple Flame Lighter
Colibri Monaco Metallic Triple Flame Lighter4 Options  $59.99 
Rocky Patel Diplomat II 5-Torch Lighter
Rocky Patel Diplomat II 5-Torch Lighter3 Options  $59.99 
S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighters
S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighters11 Options  $134.99 
Xikar Exodus Lighter - Gun Metal
Xikar Exodus Lighter - Gun Metal  $64.99$54.99Only 3 Left
Jetline Magna Quad-Flame Lighter
Jetline Magna Quad-Flame Lighter3 Options5 out of 5Ratings3 $24.99 
Xikar Executive II Lighter
Xikar Executive II Lighter3 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings2 $33.99 
JetLine Dante Torch Lighter - Black
JetLine Dante Torch Lighter - Black  $30.00$21.99Backordered
Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter
Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter3 Options4 out of 5Rating1 $14.50 
Jetline New York Triple-Flame Lighter
Jetline New York Triple-Flame Lighter4 Options4 out of 5Ratings3 $17.50 

Torch flame lighters are virtually windproof with super- hot flames that get your cigar lit quickly. They use flavorless butane fuel and most require no flints for ignition. Get your cigar going in any kind of conditions with a torch-flame lighter.