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Amphora Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco
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Amphora Black Cavendish

Amphora Black Cavendish is the latest blend to return to the US from this long-time favorite. It isn't 100% black Cavendish, but a mixture of a Virginia-based black Cavendish, Burley, Kentucky and Orientals. The aroma is pleasant but not overly sweet and the flavor is spicy and lively. For those who want a cool, dry smoke with an outstanding room note and plenty of flavor, Amphora Black Cavendish will be a most welcome return.

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Overall Rating4.38 out of 5 Based on 39 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Amphora Black Cavendish”

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4 out of 5
not bad
This does not appear to be pure black cavendish, but a blend of black cavendish and something else. Pretty good smoke, though.
5 out of 5
Amphora black Cavendish
Very smooth and flavorful blend. Burns well,no bite.full and rich.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Amphora red full aroma
Its slightly different (worst) compare what it was before, five years ago.
5 out of 5
Smooth and flavorable smoke.
This blend smooth and aromatic. Burns clean with a great room note.
5 out of 5
Really loving this
Tried this one and the Full Aroma. I go back and forth about which I like better. Really nice change of pace Cavendish. Definitely going into my rotation.
4 out of 5
Like !
Like .
5 out of 5
Great smoke
I enjoyed the Amphora Black very much. Will be buying again, real soon.
4 out of 5
Enjoyable Blend
I don't think I ever smoked any Amphora in the old days. When I saw it had been re-introduced, I decided to try some. My favorite blend which came from McClelland is no more, since they went out of business. So, I am on the hunt for some new blends. I have also decided no one blend works all the time. I don't eat Texas Chili for breakfast, Monday through Friday. (Only on Saturday). I bought some of the original and the Black Cavendish. I have smoked two bowls of the Black Cavendish, and found it a good solid blend. I didn't get tired of the taste. It wasn't overbearing or harsh. It wasn't too sweet. I didn't get a nicotine hit, which I don't like anyway. I have had some blends that, though I liked it while I was smoking it, when I woke up the next morning, my mouth tasted like an army of rats had marched through in the night. I think the Amphora Black Cavendish will be in my rotation. I think I would actually rate it 4 1/2 stars, but since I could not, I gave it four. Nothing is perfect...but, almost, especially for a over the counter blend.
5 out of 5
Great driving smoke! Ladie friendly
Nice out and about smoke. good for the car.
3 out of 5
I love Black Cavendish, but this tobacco was too wet to light.
5 out of 5
Very good smoke mild and smells great. nice pipe also.....
4 out of 5
Rekindling an old flame
My first go to when I first started smoking a pipe almost 40 years ago. I enjoyed all the Amphora products, although this was my favorite of the three. I don't remember seeing the yellow pouch back then. Amphora stopped being available in the states in the early 80's. It was fun to bump into and get reacquainted with "an old flame". Nutty flavor from the burley, and spicy and tangy. I wouldn't call this my everyday smoke now, but it's still enjoyable to go old school once in a while.
2 out of 5
I really wanted to love this one
I had high hopes for this one because I have sweet memories of loving the smell of my friends dads Amphora pouch when I was a kid in the mid 60’s. I couldn’t wait to try it. I found it very bity on the tongue. I basically smoke quality bulk blends and tins and found Amphora Black Cavendish to be reminiscent of very mediocre “drug store” blends that I avoid. It smells and looks wonderful in the pouch but burns hot and bites. I’ve tried several bowls with the same result. I’ll stick with my tried and true blends.
5 out of 5
Glad its back
I am so glad this came back. It is my favorite of all time. I was sad when it dissappeared. I just love the sweet mid aroma. Sort of like English. American and Danish all blended nicely together. Very complex.
3 out of 5
all the smokers think it stinks.
I'm sorry to say though I like the aroma no cigarette smoker does. You have to really take care of your pipe and clean it after each use. I thought it smelled robust and the tongue got a little hot.
5 out of 5
Amphora has been my favorite tobacco
The Black Cavendish is new to me, but just as enjoyable as the other Amphora blends. I have tried a number of different brands in same price range, but always come back to Amphora.
5 out of 5
Used as a mixer
I blend this with the Amphora brown on a 1/1 ratio- it adds back some of the original blends taste. The combination is pretty good.
3 out of 5
Not as good as I thought it would be
I just tried this and the original blend. I was disappointed in both. The pouch note was nice and it lit easily and stayed lit. The flavor to me was bland. I could not finish the full bowl. I usually smoke a English blend or Carter Hall or Velvet. This did not do it for me.
5 out of 5
Thanks for bringing back Amphora
Five Star
2 out of 5
Great pouch and room note on this but the taste doesn't hold up
I wasn't a big fan of this blend, but did appreciate what it did bring to the table. The pouch note on this was wonderful! Molasses sweetness right out in front with a spiciness almost of red pepper flakes and subtle undertones of plum. I would have liked to taste all of that, but mostly noted the less sweet/un-sweet Cavendish with a very small hit of dark fruit but not quite plum. Medium strength, but a very pleasant room not. Great pouch and room note on this but the taste doesn't hold up
5 out of 5
I still need to try the other two but am looking forward to it.
4 out of 5
Great Cavendish
Smooth, cool burning, no bite. Nice taste and room note
5 out of 5
Best Tobacco I have ever smoked.
I smoked Amphora from 1962 until 1980. It suddenly stopped being available. I asked all of my retailers why they could not be obtained any more but they couldn't tell me why. I even drove to different cities like Riverside, San Bernardino and Azusa to no avail. So after 1980 until now I looked for and tried other sources for tobaccos similar to or like Amphora. I even asked my son to bring me some Amphora from Europe where it was still sold. He always seemed to forget. Why? Because Amphora was and is the smoothest and most pleasantly aromatic tobacco ever made. I never found any other tobacco cut like Amphora. It is like a thick, "Cigarette" cut. I am overjoyed to see it back again. I will say that I have never smoked any other tobacco that garners the positive compliments that Amphora does--no matter if its the full flavor or the full aromatic. I have never experienced any bite from the tobacco, which ever Amphora I have smoked.
5 out of 5
When God takes His afternoon tea, I'm sure this is what's in His pipe. The smell, taste, and aroma is simply divine. I'm not an experienced enough smoker to describe this to describe these flakes from heaven in the proper technical jargon, but I'm trying all the different categories of tobacco. This was the Cavendish trial, which I'm reading is not a "traditional" Cavendish, but not knowing what that is may be a food thing as I'm simply enjoying this in its own merits. I suppose it has a fruity top note and it pairs perfectly for an afternoon smoke break with a cup of PG Tips tea. I wouldn't want this after dinner because I tend to like a rich Burley then, but for the right occasion, I will have this around quite often. Looking forward to trying all the Amphora blends.
5 out of 5
Very good. Don't go in with preconceptions.
This is not a BCA style black Cavendish, nor is it a Captain Black clone. It's something different. Less chocolate bar than Captain Black, less pure Cavendish than BCA. I enjoyed this tobacco very much. It is a black Cavendish but with what appears to be some Virginia in the mix. It makes for a nice smoke.
5 out of 5
This goes into the rotation
Usually I prefer to wait until I have tried something (even if I don't like it) three times before I review it. This one won't wait that long. Amphora Black Cavendish has a very deep dark robust flavor from start to finish that will not disappoint. The aroma is wonderful, and it smokes very smooth. I like a very dark coffee. I like a very dark beer. This is a great dark pipe tobacco. Packed into my favorite Peterson Churchwarden pipe the experience is what pipe smoking is all about.
5 out of 5
User from Foreign Shores
Outstanding! This was my favorite tobacco in the late 70s and 80s; I'm delighted to see it back on the market.
4 out of 5
Best Amphora blend
IMHO this is the best Amphora blend, aromatic, but not cloingly sweet.
2 out of 5
Oldie but Not so much a goodie
Used to smoke this blend in the 80's. I guess my taste buds have changed - don't care for it now. Will not be re-ordering this one
5 out of 5
Cannot be found anywhere else.
We have been searching for it long time; thanks for adding it to your stock.
5 out of 5
Good smoke but very strong.
5 out of 5
Great Blend
Love this blend! It has great flavor, wonderful room note, and has a great burn in more than one of my pipes.
5 out of 5
The best of the Amphora blends
I'm a fan of all three of the recently US-rereleased Amphora blends. But the Black Cavendish is the best of the breed. It's silky, smooth, sweet without being cloying, complex, and fascinating. Must be all the component tobaccos that go into this blend. It's definitely not your typical, one-note black cavendish you're used to seeing on the American market. This is something special: a true all-day smoke that will never bore or fatigue your tastebuds, will not bite unless pushed above and beyond the brink of all reason, and will leave a pleasant and spouse-friendly room note!
5 out of 5
R W Saw
I tried the Amphora Black Cavendish. A little to aromatic for me. However the Amphora original blend was as close to the Amphora I used to buy. Both a little expensive but happy the Amphora came back.
3 out of 5
Not worth the money
Unfortunately i did not enjoy this blend. Not much taste or sweetness you would expect from a black cavendish. I stick with Captain Black Dark and save the money.
5 out of 5
amphora black cavendish
good smoke
5 out of 5
Blk Cav Outstanding
Tried all 3. Black Cav is my favorite. Taste,aroma,and burn are fantastic. Hope they make a 14 ounce tin or bulk soon.
5 out of 5
It's a Winner
Tried all 3 and by far BC is the best. Great taste,aroma,and burn. Not as aromatic as BCA,but very pleasant. I'm burley lover and this is a smooth transition into to lite aromatics. Will definitely buy again. As a side note, the pouch has got to be the best pouch for keeping the tobacco fresh.
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