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Blending - White Burley Bulk Tobacco
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Blending - White Burley

Blending - White Burley is a solid, fundamental tobacco. It's slow-burning, so it can be used to tame a hot blend and the flavor is rather neutral, somewhat reminiscent of walnut or pecan with hints of cocoa. It's useful in blends that seem to be a little too strong flavor-wise, as it can soften the taste of the tobacco. It's also a good choice to smoke straight when you want something that's mellow and stays fairly cool.

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Overall Rating4.69 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Blending - White Burley”

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5 out of 5
Not much different from the
Not much different from the white cube cut
5 out of 5
Real Treat
This is an excellent blending component. I mixed it with some smyrna and vanilla custard. The subtle cocoa flavor is heavenly.
5 out of 5
Real Treat
This is an excellent blending component. I mixed it with some smyrna and vanilla custard. The subtle cocoa flavor is heavenly.
4 out of 5
This tobacco has an interesting
This tobacco has an interesting smell and taste. It sort of reminds me of a cigar aroma, it should work well mixing with things like black cavendish, latakia, or even just some virginia. A light, yet smoky burley.
5 out of 5
Very nice neutral flavor by
Very nice neutral flavor by itself. Creates a nice thick smoke and holds the flavors that I added well. Good price with the offer. I added vanilla and cherry Flavors
5 out of 5
Another high quality blender
I love using this mellow burley in my RYO blends, also try the AAA burley! Arrived moist & fresh
4 out of 5
Very versatile
A very versatile blending tobacco which can be used to soften and mellow the taste of most anything. I use it in numerous tobacco blends.
5 out of 5
A pleasurable incense like smoke
It really slows down fast burning Virginia and sometimes even cools a hot tobacco blend removing tongue bite. First bought a few ounces of it to try and loved it so much I bought a pound a month later. It's not your grandfather's flavorful deep Burley, but I enjoy the almost incense like smokiness rising from the pipe as it marries with whatever it is blended with. I enjoy this lightweight, uncased tobacco as a blending component.
5 out of 5
Pleasant, enjoyable and worth a try.
I began smoking pipes back in the 1960's, blends like Bond Street, Half & Half, etc...popular blends at the time. Then in 70's I took up the Cavendish blends, Captain Black, Amphora, Borkum Riff, etc....Then I started smoking C.B. Perkins' White Burley almost exclusively, (now it has been lost to antiquity). And so I moved on to 'English blends', G.L.Pease's offerings are good but too expensive for them to be every day, all day smokes. My two most enjoyable blends for the past 20 or so years I think have been Stokkebey's Proper English and Arango's (blended by Stokkebey) Balkan Supreme. But feeling nostalgic I saw White burley and bought a couple of ounces, not for blending. Smoking it straight, enjoying the taste and smoking qualities of the tobacco very much. Flavor? Well some reviewers would attribute a "nuttiest" to it I guess, (only I have no idea whether they are thinking of Almonds, Peanuts, or some other kink of nut). Smoking it does not load my taste buds down with any flavor I can put into words, e.g. nothing like cheery, whiskies, vanilla, oriental spices [like found in some English blends]. But it does have a flavor of its own, not over-powering, and it lasts a while after the end of the bowlful. It burns smoothly, coolly, produces a nice volume of smoke (which I like). I've no idea about 'room note' since I've had to concede to our modern (I believe unfounded) notions that second-hand smoke is a cause of lung cancer), so I only smoke out-doors. If you are looking for a gentle on the tongue, easy-going smoke, and not expecting some kind of 'ecstasy producing experience' don't be shy to try this tobacco. If you find you don't like it as it is, you can always mix it in with some other blends to mellow them.
5 out of 5
Sweet, flavorful, and smooth!
I’ve mostly used this tobacco for making snuff (the genuine, original way people used tobacco, “dry” snuff that goes in your nose), and it’s been a lovely component to a few of my concoctions. It pairs very well with Sutliff’s Red Virginia Ribbon, for a little something I like to think of as “Powdered Happiness”. I highly recommend making some of your own snuff, it’s pretty easy to do, and quite satisfying to boot.
5 out of 5
White burley
When using about 4 ounces of the AAA blending white Burley along with 9 ounces of the AAA red blending Burley and 3 ounces of Maple Cavendish, it gives a smooth flavor with no bite, and a delightful aroma. A really good smoke.
4 out of 5
Not a bad choice
Will order again. Was a little on the dry side but I hydrated it a little and all was good. Nice flavor and mixed well
4 out of 5
Blending is the key word here.
Some people like to do stuff them selves (if they want it done right) and blending is on my list. I don't smoke so much anymore, and wanted to slow or cool down a couple things, also to reduce the flavor (overload) profile. This Burley did all that, and doesn't tweak/ruin like the Virginia which seemed to actually increase strength rather than diluting. Goes good with 10% Dark Fired Kentucky and 20% Red Virginia, a nuttier approximation of Drum.
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