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Captain Earle
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Captain Earle's Ten Russians

Captain Earle's Ten Russians is created for the true Latakia aficionado. A good amount of the smoky, black leaf is combined with sweet Virginia, spicy Orientals and some mellow Cavendish. The blend is pressed into a firm crumble cake to marry and mature the flavors.

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Overall Rating4.9 out of 5 Based on 30 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Captain Earle's Ten Russians”

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5 out of 5
Ten Russians
Great strong tobacco
4 out of 5
In the cellar
In the cellar
5 out of 5
Great Stuff
This blend is pure pleasure. The oriental is superb; floral, spicy and bright. The latakia is smooth and smoky, and at just the right amount. The blend is perfectly balanced, burns cool and slow, and lights with no effort at all. Superb tobacco.
4 out of 5
внимание! The Russians are coming!
внимание! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Bold. Full Lat. Earthy and woodsy-like, as well as tangy-sweet at the same time. When people begin to annoy, march the Russians in and wipe them out with a heavy aromatic smoke of Latakia.
5 out of 5
This is an english tobacco
This is an english tobacco lovers paradise. Rich smokey flavor with smooth background notes. Complex flavor with no bite
5 out of 5
If you love Latakia you’ll
If you love Latakia you’ll love this
5 out of 5
As a lover of Latakia
As a lover of Latakia blends, this is always in my rotation.
5 out of 5
Ten Russians
Good for every day.
5 out of 5
Great product
Always a favorite in my tobbacco collection
5 out of 5
Great Latakia blend.
I'm a dedicated Latakia blend lover. This is a favorite as always being out of stock/ back ordered. Fairly strong and blends great with other tobacco for the hobby blender. I find all of Captain Earle's enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Not the bomb I expected
This blend is obviously a latakia forward powerhouse. However, don't let that scare you away. The blend uses enough neutral leaf that the latakia becomes a creamy and yet smoky gem. The taste remains clean and pleasant throughout the bowl with a pleasant aftertaste. The cut becomes a thin ribbon cut after breaking up the cake and is a bit damp out of the tin. Smoking in this state will make the last third of the bowl rather wet. This is one of those blends where there is a "sweet spot" when the tobacco is neither too wet or too dry. Too dry and it will burn too quickly and bring out a bit of harshness. Too wet and it will cause the wet heel problem. The sweet spot is when the tobacco does not feel damp but before it gets to the point that it starts to crumble into small pieces. Load the bowl like any ribbon cut Virginia - light on the bottom and tight on the top.
5 out of 5
I am a 5-10 yr pipe smoker who recently quit all other tobacco methods and now strictly a pipe smoker ONLY. Needed something extra to get me over the Vitamin-N crave. This did it for me. I blended 8 oz Ten Russian, 8 oz Plum pudding & 16 oz Capt Black Cherry. It is magical! Everything I wanted, aromatic with a kick! LOVE this stuff :-) Oh and I agree with many other reviewers of the 10, let it dry a little. It really does change the flavor and it is better IMO.
5 out of 5
befriend these russians
lat bomb heaven and it is wonderful!
5 out of 5
Try this combination out!
I would like to add a comment to one I've already made. Plum Pudding S.R. also a favorite. I mixed Plum Pudding and Ten Russians 50/50 and absolutely is the best blend I have ever smoke, please give a try, pure bliss.
5 out of 5
Very good smoke after some drying out time. I would say be patient and dry out for 1 hour or so and you wont be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Best Latakia Blend I Have Ever Smoked
I love latakia, and Ten Russians is by far the best latakia blend I have smoked. Tasty, strong, and well-behaved. The flavor is complex: sweet virginia, caramel, and chocolate-chip cookie notes balance out—but do not distract from—the latakia; the nuances are there to be perceived and enjoyed at will. Similarly, the nicotine content is high, yet unobtrusive. It builds throughout the bowl, which is ideal as I do not enjoy tobaccos that hit up front like a sledgehammer. The burn characteristics are perfect: easy to pack, easy to light, dry in the bowl yet rich in the mouth, and easy to smoke down to a beautiful white ash. It leaves me with a nice nicotine buzz and a cookie-like aftertaste. The entire experience is comfortable and satisfying. Although this blend is not as complex as Plum Pudding or Mississippi River, it is very similar, yet it smokes better and I enjoy it more. I highly recommend that you try Ten Russians.
5 out of 5
A very good tobacco
I will always have some of this in my cellar at all times. Great and balanced
5 out of 5
Ten Russians
Excelent !!
5 out of 5
Yes Comrades
This is good stuff.
5 out of 5
Excelent English with a kick in the ass
One of my favorite morning English blends or any time for that mater, I love the strength, not for the weak of heart.
5 out of 5
Strong stuff
Ill start by saying that Frog Mortons on the Town is my daily smoke, the reason I say this is so you know if my taste is similar to yours, now then, Ten Russians does not have as much of that smokey Latakia taste, I know people say its a latbomb but its more of a straight English blend, but, it is smooth, it has a nice taste and most importantly IT IS STRONG, this blend kicks like a mule, not something I would or could smoke all day but its a great mix to wake you up, or, mix it with your favorite blend for an extra kick. I like it and I keep a can around, definitely recommend you try it but understand that it will give you the shakes if you overdo it.
5 out of 5
Bowl of Awesomeness
This is now one my favorites. Beefy, spicy, yet not overbearing. I will definitely purchase again.
5 out of 5
Very Nice Baccy
Very satisfying Latbaccy. I will definitely buy this again.
5 out of 5
One of the few I'd call a truly great tobacco.
I'm still new to the pipe, but this is one great tobacco. It has MASSIVE flavor depth. My cigar only friends all liked it. Some may say it's a "one trick pony", but I'll say it's a REALLY GOOD TRICK. Will be keeping it in stock and gifting to friends.
5 out of 5
Most excellent
After reading reviews of Ten Russians, and being a latakia fan, I knew I had to give this a go. After popping the tin I knew this was going to be great. My first bowl was in my taster meerschaum (as with all new blends). Then gave it a go in my Peterson. I must say there's enough latakia to keep me happy. No bite for me. All I can say is wow! If you are a latakia lover, you've got to give this a shot. Captain Earle's Ten Russians quickly became a favorite and will definitely remain in my rotation.
5 out of 5
New Favorite
Oh my! This is good stuff. After reading the reviews here, I knew that I just had to try this. I'm sure glad I did. Perfect out of the tin. The moment I cracked the tin, I knew this was a winner. My first was in my taster meerachaum. But this finds its way in my favorite Peterson and my calabash meer. Can't say enough good here. What are you waiting for? Put this in your cart, and put it in your pipe and smoke it! I typically smoke Early Morning, Night Cap, 965, and Bayou Night. This one has really risen to the top of my list. You won't be sorry!
4 out of 5
Takes me back
My first time smoking Latakia. I was a bit surprised by the smell in the tin. But once lit it has a nice smell and taste, very different from what I am used to, but a nice change. The name is spot on too. I have smelled this before while in Russia. Takes me back to the Altai mountains in the summer relaxing in Russian Banya / Sana. Seems I also smelled it in Kazahstan in the villages. I am assuming that they must smoke Latakia there, because I remember smelling this smell time to time and each time I lite up it takes me back. I will be buying some more and hopefully aging a can or two. For now I am using a Ukrainian hand made traditional style pipe I bought on ebay, I maybe will buy something nicer in the future, but its ok for now and suits this tobacco well. I just don't want to use this tobacco in my other pipes, its such a different tobacco. Im not planing on being a big latakia smoker, but I will keep a few cans of this in my collection.
5 out of 5
This is one fine tobacco!
The first time I opened a tin of this tobacco I was in love with the smell of leather along with tobaccos that smelled as if they'd already been aged for a long period. Smoking this tobacco is a dream come true for me, I only wish that it were sold in bulk. I have quite a few tins ageing but I'm always buying more so I can leave the ones I'm ageing alone. Can't wait to see what this tobacco is like after a few years. I think it will be amazing!
5 out of 5
Wow, what a smoke! Latakia is not my favorite, but I really enjoy this super intense smoke. I do not smoke Latakia blends regularly, but I think this smoke may possibly replace my fav Latakia; Night Cap. Excellent smoke!
5 out of 5
My favorite blend
This tobacco has a fare amount of Latakia and hits you with a splendid smoky campfire note the moment you pop the can. The strong with the subtle is why I love this blend. There is a nutty hint and once in a while a chocolate note will hit me. I friend of mine just picked up the pipe. Not sure how he would react to going right to Latakia I let him try some. To my surprise he liked it right away. I've never had a bad comment on the room note. I do want to mention that this does taste different in different pipes. I don't think it's a ghosting issue as my tobacco selection is pretty consistent. I think it's the heat it burns at. I prefer a smaller bowled pipe and low airflow to sip with this. I have had no tounge bite whatsoever. It's a great tasting, slow burning Latakia blend!
Customer Testimonials
Three stars out of five. It is cool burning and requires nearly no relights. It has a little complexity and tastes good, but still not as good as Mac Barens HH Latakia Flake. Mac Barens is much more the tasty, smoky lat bomb.
JB of Port Deposit, MD
My favorite Latakia blend, part of my three go-to blends overall. There is a reason it is always on backorder!
LH of Malverne, NY
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