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Corn in the USA II Gift Set Pipe Tobacco Samplers
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Corn in the USA II Gift Set

This is as American as you can get. Corn in the USA II brings you three Missouri Meerschaum corn cobs- a Country Gentleman, a Legend and a Washington. Then we give you one pouch each of three classic tobaccos- Velvet, Half & Half and Sir Walter Raleigh Original. We cap it off with a Stainless Pipe Shape pipe tool, with a pick, scraper blade, and tamper. 

Please Note: The pipe stem shapes may vary from what is pictured, you may receive either a bent or straight stem for each of the three pipes included.

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Overall Rating4.72 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Corn in the USA II Gift Set”

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5 out of 5
great deal
great pipes I like the fact that they have filters in them
5 out of 5
First Pipes I Purchased
Just started smoking cigars and thought they were too heavy and idk... similar. So a friend suggested pipes, I then purchased this Set. I am very satisfied and am now hooked on pipes, not in the addiction way LOL but, in the enjoyment of them. In summation I recommend this set.
5 out of 5
Nice set for the price.
I've smoked a pipe for years. Never had a Corn Cob pipe. But was satisfied with the quality and variety of the three pipes and tobacco pouches. Well worth the price.
5 out of 5
Great package for any pipe smoker!
You simply can't go wrong with this deal!! I have about 20 pipes in my collection including a very few expensive ones, but this package deal was my favorite acquisition in years. I was about to order the Country gentleman cob pipe when I saw this package, and even though I wanted a bent pipe I ordered it anyway. To my surprise, both the Country gentleman and the Legend were bent pipes, so the exact configuration you receive may not be as pictured. This was good news to me. As well as the pipes, the tool is nice, and the tobaccos, which otherwise I probably never would have tried, were a real surprise too. It turns out that I like rather simple Burley and Burley blends. These tobaccos are a good change of pace when you just want a simple mild smoke, and they make great blending stock when you want to enjoy something more complex but not at full strength. Next time you order throw this in your cart, and you will not be disappointing.
5 out of 5
Just the greatest value for the price!
Yes, as Twain said, “This is a Missouri Meerschaum.” I have been away from pipe smoking for about 7 years and lost all but 2 of my pipes. I’m on a fixed income, and how do you replace lost pipes with great quality and a miser’s income? These will do it. Very sturdy, great feel in the hand, polished exterior. It’s as if it’s wood that only happens to look like corn. I’m don’t work for them, I just like these enough that I have another one coming this week!
5 out of 5
Good for any pipe lover!
Don't care for the Velvet but the rest is good and MM corncobs are first quality.
5 out of 5
Worth every penny.
One of the best deals on corn cob pipes, and some great tobacco!
5 out of 5
Corn in the USA
This was to get me back into smoking a pipe again after about 40 years, I thought that I would see if I could switch from cigars back to a pipe. I had never smoked cobs before and this was a great deal. Cob smoking is a real good experience.
5 out of 5
Hillbilly pipes ( banjo not included )
This is the set I bought to get my feet wet in the pipe world. Im normally a cigar smoker ( and much prefer hand rolled cigars most ) but lets face it cigars are more costly per unit ( for good cigars ) So I decided I would look into pipe as another means for relaxation after a rough day or week. I decided to go the full novice route and start with the good old cob pipe and boy lemme tell you I do not regret a thing. This is a great set for a beginner because of the variety and value it offers. My favorite from the set is the bent Legend cob with Sir Walter pipe tobacco. ( My only complaint is the material for the stems are rather fragile and I would highly look into getting a stronger after market stem ( but for the overall value I am pleased. )
5 out of 5
Worth the money!
Love IT! pipes, tamper tool(5STAR), tabacco normal stuff nothing special! im so glad i found this website...
5 out of 5
Great mix of pipes and tobaccos for a beginner
I bought this set a couple weeks ago and after allowing myself some time to test, I can report that I am very pleased with this purchase. They upgraded my shipping (I live in HI) so that my order arrived in a few days. Everything was in good order and works well. Although the pipes are all similar, they smoke and feel different in the mouth, so it was an ideal way for a beginner to figure out what works. I like that there were three different varieties of tobacco. The Velvet was the sweetest, while half and half was pretty mellow. I found the Walter Raleigh to be somewhat bland at first, but I'm growing into it as my favorite. I have found that the pipes can smoke different blends without mixing flavors too much, which is also good for a beginner who doesn't know what he likes. Overall I'm extremely satisfied and am looking forward to my next order from this company.
5 out of 5
I love corn
Corn is a wonderful thing that brings us Whiskey Bourbon and tobacco pipes.Bought this set of pipes and tobacco as my first starters into the pipe world. Im normally a avid cigar smoker and have to say I am not dissapointment in this set at all. My favorite of the set is the Sir Walter with the legend pipe. I am now sold on pipe smoking ( mostly because I can smoke a pipe cheaper than cigar. ) I think the Cob is by far the best way to get your feet wet with pipe smoking because of the ease of use and care.
5 out of 5
This is a great product
2 out of 5
Good starter pipes; bad tobacco.
I was very pleased with the three pipes that came with the starter kit. Three different sizes and shapes. However as a brand new pipe smoker I am glad that I did not make my judgement based on the tobacco included in the kit. I was lucky to find a pipe shop nearby where I could get at least one bag of good tobacco and a tin (an aromatic and an English blend) to get a proper taste for pipe smoking. If this had not happened I would have stopped straightaway and had three useless, decorative corn cob pipes. But today I have even added a Peterson pipe to my collection.
5 out of 5
best pipe novice kit
Cheap and nice pipe starter kit, money well spent.
5 out of 5
Great Starter Set
Great starter set... New to the hobby and wanted a nice set at a great price and this was it... Great service
3 out of 5
fun way to start pipe smoking
This is a great, economic way to learn to smoke a pipe. You’ll even have one to share if you want. I would recommend this because if pipe smoking is not something that turns our for you, then you’re not out much.
5 out of 5
Corn Cob Pipes
Excellent pipe set. Smokes well, looks terrific! Classic Americana
Customer Testimonials
Nice deal! Really liked the feel & smoke of the Country Gentleman pipe w/ the Velvet tobacco. Perfect for work on the water front where I'd be afraid to lose or break some of my more expensive pipes. Thanks :)
TS of Chesapeake, VA
I purchased this because I wanted to try MM cobs. It is definitely an excellent value. Of the three, the Legend is my favorite. It has a medium sized bowl and smokes very cool and dry. The Washington is almost as nice. The Country Gentleman has a bowl that is a little large for my tastes but still an excellent smoking pipe.
BN of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Fantastic starter set.
FV of Templeton, IA
This set is excellent training wheels for the novice. The three tobaccos while similar all have different tastes and challenges. The three pipes all have different structures and feels too. What a great practice set!
PV of Kissimmee, FL
Very nice sampler for the price. Well worth it!
JW of Girard, KS
Best value on the P&C site! Pipes are great and at this price you can give one away, keep one in the vehicle, etc. and not worry about it. The Half & Half is a great tasting smoke and is my favorite of the lot. The others are good, but nothing to do back flips over. Add a supply of filters and pipe cleaners to this combo and you are set for weeks!
RG of Austin, TX
Amazing quality for such a great price. The amount you get for the price is incredible too. At my local tobacco store, these items separately were close to $40. Definitely worth the buy whether you're a seasoned pipe smoker, or just trying to get into it. Never going to a tobacco store for pipes (or cigars) again.
WP of Macon, GA
Pipes look great but the bits are way to loose
NW of Statesville, NC
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