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Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd Blonde  2 Ounce Tin
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Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd Blonde

Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd Blonde is a wonderful companion piece toe the original Billy Budd. The item that made Billy Budd unique is still present in Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd Blonde - cigar leaf. But in this blend, the Latakia is missing and replaced by sweet and spicy Perique. This is a remarkably robust blend with some spice and fruitiness that will wake up your palate. Give some a try.

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Overall Rating4.88 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd Blonde”

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5 out of 5
Great flavor
Great flavor
4 out of 5
Light burn with a citrus
Light burn with a citrus tang. Delightful
5 out of 5
Blown away
A must for lovers of cigars and VaPers! I found the tin note a little unpleasant (too sweet maybe?) but this blend really sings when you light it up! The moisture content was perfect out of the can and it burned cool and dry all the way. The cigar flavor is much more prominent and the flavors more balanced than in the original billy budd, which was mostly just a latakia bomb IMO. Cannot recommend this one enough!
5 out of 5
Great for a cigar guy like me.
I'm more of a cigar guy than a pipe guy, so this pipe tobacco hits all the notes I love. Plenty of good tobacco flavor, good burn, no bite, and you can taste the cigar leaf throughout. This is probably my favorite "cigar" pipe tobacco.
5 out of 5
The good stuff for a cigar guy like me.
I am primarily a cigar smoker who also enjoys pipes. I've had the standard Billy Budd, which is good, but has too much Latakia in it for my taste. This blend, with the Perique instead of the Latakia, hits every note I want in a smoke. Smooth, flavorful, good burn, just flat out awesome. And with the cigar leaf in there I get the flavor that keeps me happy. I'll be buying this again.
5 out of 5
Complex, rich & full flavor
This is a superfine, very smartly blended tobacco that burns a light, very tasty smoke, full-flavored but not heavy, with that surprising little snap from the cuts of cigar leaf. It's complex, but basic, and down to earth. Would go good with wandering through a peach orchard on a brisk morning, or hooking a worm. An engineer or surveyor working outside would like this. This is the second C&D tobacky I tried and the first to make me realize these guys were like vinters, and I am now smoking and buying only C&D, finding their tobaccos to be the best, and their blends to be generally close to exquisite. Your results may vary, but I won't be going back. This no-nonsense tobacco belongs in a corn-cob, IMHO.
5 out of 5
Sure to Become a Classic!
This is marvelous pipe tobacco. It is sweet and tangy but not bity or hard on the tongue and has a lovely measure of cream and leather notes from the cigar leaf. I would describe this as a VA-based Cigar Leaf Blend. The flue-cured leaf definitely dominates this mixture but that is okay in my opinion. I've always been a fan of Bright and Red Virginias processed the "Cornell and Diehl Way." They're nice and toasty, maybe a little malty and always pleasantly sweet but never hard on the tongue. I've think we've got another winner here!
5 out of 5
Fantastic light sweet english smoke!
My favorite english blend is Billy Bud blended with Equal parts of John bull. It gives a real heavy thick smoke. Then I saw this with basicaly the same except without the Latakia and added perique. I am impressed!! It is a lighter drier sweeter smoke but nicer head aroma.Burns nicely and srays lit I love it. Now if I find something to blend it with, It can become outstanding. Perhaps a VaPer flake. But it is great by itself. You need to try this one.
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