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Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake Pipe Tobacco
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Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake

Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake starts with the same slowly-toasted red Virginia Cavendish that is the base of their popular Autumn Evening, but without any added flavorings. This rich, slightly sweet and toasty tobacco is combined with the superb condimental tobacco of Louisiana - Perique. Then the tobaccos are pressed into large cakes and cut into square plugs. The Perique is a perfect compliment to the deep roasted flavor of the Virginia. If you want to try a VaPer that's a departure from the norm, load up a bowl of C&D's Kajun Kake.


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Overall Rating4.57 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake”

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5 out of 5
A must try
A sweet and tangy twist on vaPer
5 out of 5
Kajun Kake
This is an all time favorite for me! Since it's a VaPer or smells like gym socks that were heated inside an old boot in the tin but has a nice room note and tastes delicious! Lights and smokes perfectly right out of the tin and burns to the fabled fine white ash. The taste is sweet, earthy, and smooth
4 out of 5
Medium across the board. Good
Medium across the board. Good smoke
5 out of 5
Amazing Blend
This is a great blend, right out of the tin. Love it.
5 out of 5
Fruity Spicy smoke that burns perfectly
The tin note is plum and other dark fruits, very good smell. The kake is extremely easy to break small chunks off and crumble apart to fill the pipe perfectly. The moisture content straight from the tin is perfect. It took me about three charring lights to get it going but once lit it was one of the best burning tobaccos I've ever had. The taste starts off very subtle with some sweet cereal notes, then about a quarter way into the bowl it become a little more fruity from the Virginia's and then the spice from the perique started and sticks to the roof of the mouth and that to me is the best part! It carries the dark and deep fruity flavor and spice throughout the rest of the smoke and just keeps getting better. The nicotine to me was around medium, just the right amount to let you know it's there. This is the first Vapor blend I have tried so I can't say how it compares to others but I will definitely keep some of this on hand at all times because it is a great smoke. The after taste is spicy fruit and is also enjoyable. Smoked in a Missouri Meerschaum Country Gent Corn Cob
5 out of 5
Top notch
Maybe not as refined as other Va/Per blends, but, the more I smoke of this, the more I like it. This stuff really starts to hit it's stride for me anyway, after about the first quarter of the bowl. Where the virginia really evolves in flavor with the nice light fruity spice of perique. If you are a fan of Bayou Morning Flake as I am, or even if you're not, give this a try as it is just different enough to make for a nice change up in your Va/Per rotation.
4 out of 5
Not to shabby
This a great smoke, not sure what kind of perrique is used, but a very nice smoke mild, not very spicy.
5 out of 5
I enjoy Kajun Kake's wonderful
I enjoy Kajun Kake's wonderful intense "cake" smell in the can. During the bowl, it feels good to my mouth. The full flavor follows through the whole bowl. Over all, it is surprisingly mellow. A must have in my selections.
5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco
Spicy and full of flavor you can really feel the tobacco
5 out of 5
Good smoke out of can but of course needs aging.
The Virginia's in it need some aging for this blend to be what it wants to be. Still a good smoke out of tin.
5 out of 5
Yummy stuff definitely will buy
Yummy stuff definitely will buy again
5 out of 5
To the smoker complaining about mold. THAT ISN"T Mold it is Sugar and it is a dream to have something age and try it you'll love it. Open any old tin of weed and you'll be lucky to find that aging. GOOD STUFF
5 out of 5
One of the best
One of the best VaPers on the market. I suggest that you grab a tin and try this for yourself.
1 out of 5
Bad luck
I've ordered a few tins of Kajun Kake now and each one I've received has been covered in mold. I realize that there has been a quality control issue at C&D but it makes me wonder why every tin that may have been affected wasn't pulled and played on back order until it was no longer a problem. Three tons I've had to throw away and haven't yet had the opportunity to enjoy more than the first bowl I've tried from a sample I received. Wish I could give it a score it deserves but the quality issue is really killing it.
Customer Testimonials
This is the absolute best Va/Per tobacco C&D has ever made! Why are you wasting time reading reviews when you could be ordering this right now?!
ND of Morristown, TN
It has an interesting aroma in the can, almost a bready-chocolaty aroma to the tobacco. When smoked it is a virginia perique blend mellowed out with cavandish. And as long as you take your time smoking it and sip away at the pipe it is a nice smooth VaPer based blend. But as soon as you start hot-boxing it a little it turns into a really strong smoke that will choke you, it is not a horrible smell/flavor like some tobaccos get when you get them too hot but more along the lines of getting to the end of a good strong cigar. I am not sure if it is the way the tobaccos are blended together, but by the time I get around to the bottom third of the bowl it almost seems as if there was a bit of cigar leaf added to the blend. I enjoy this tobacco blend very much, and will be ordering more soon. It is not an inexpensive tobacco to buy, but I would still recommend putting it on your list to try sometime.
SB of Pocahontas, IA
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