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Decatur Pipe Shield Haze Away

Haze-Away (Part I) is a compound deisgned to help remove light to moderate oxidation from vulcanite stems. It can be used by hand, or even more effectively with a buffer.

Please note - Do not use on wood surfaces.

Decatur Pipe Shield Haze-Away  Pipe Cleaner
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Decatur Pipe Shield Haze-Away
Overall Rating4.18 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Decatur Pipe Shield Haze Away”

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4 Star
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4 out of 5
Product works as advertised.
4 out of 5
Good for light to medium oxidation
...but I didn't try it on a badly oxidized stem. (Because I don't let my pipes get that bad)
5 out of 5
This product really works
This product really works
5 out of 5
Works as intended.
It does what you need it to do. A small amount goes a long way.
2 out of 5
Does not work very well
Does not work very well
5 out of 5
It works
This product has my estate pipes looking like new...
5 out of 5
Decatur Pipe Shiled
I does a good job cleaning my pipes.
3 out of 5
Works well on lightly discolored stems
Works well on lightly discolored stems. No that well for heavily discoloration.
5 out of 5
Works Great
Works great. Only a little amount is needed to work well
5 out of 5
Works great with minimal effort
5 out of 5
A must have
I enjoy restoring tobacco pipes and I always keep a couple bottles of Haze Away on hand. It does a great job of removing oxidation while buffing to a nice shine at the same time. I highly recommend this for your personal pipe collection.
3 out of 5
Really needs a buffing wheel.
Really needs a buffing wheel. Toothpaste just as good if used manually without buffing.
3 out of 5
Slow, but so is pipe smoking
I've been using this product on a significantly browned stem. I apply it in the morning and rub it off at night. After about 3 weeks of this I see the end in sight. Not a fast process, but neither is pipe smoking, so I guess that makes sense. One surprising upside, the product smells great when I wash it off my hands.
2 out of 5
Decatur Pipe Shield
Decatur Pipe Shield is not all it was hyped to be.
4 out of 5
Good Stuff
Works well enough, but its not a miracle cleaner. Oxidation is just hard to get rid of.
4 out of 5
It is a help.
I bought this product to help me cleanup my older pipes with vulcanite and ebonite stems. It's not a magic bullet but it does help. those stems with severe oxidation will need a little elbow grease to go with the Haze Away. It is worth a try.
5 out of 5
Decatur pipe shield haze away
I was not at all impressed with this product. Did not stop or clear away the haze. Simple cleaning and a little oil works a lot better, in my opinion.
5 out of 5
Kind of works
Bought some used Peterson's pipes with heavily oxidized stems. Repeated application of Haze away have improved them greatly.
5 out of 5
Decatur Haze Away
This is the first time I've tried Haze Away, and it does work quite well. For badly oxidized stems (you know, the stem that's no longer black), you're still going to need to wet sand the stem first. Once that's done, apply a coat of Haze Away, rub it in and let it set for about 5 minutes. Buff it off, and the stem glows like it was brand new.
4 out of 5
Pipe shield
Better than any others I tried
4 out of 5
The items I ordered took
The items I ordered took forever to get to me via standard post. Otherwise, I am happy with the items and the price for them was reasonable.
5 out of 5
With patience, it works well on badly coated stems. It may take several applications but much better than sanding.
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