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Gawith & Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented Pipe Tobacco
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Gawith & Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented

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For those who enjoy a powerful smoke, and who want nothing but real tobacco flavor, Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.'s Dark Flake Unscented is a must-try. The smoky note of dark-fired leaf from Africa is fortified further with Indian air-cured, which adds a deep, earthy flavor. Due to its strength, this is best to smoke while relaxing. G&H Dark Flake Unscented still has a slight touch of Lakeland-type flavoring, but is subtle enough that it's much more noticeable in the aroma than in the flavor.

Overall Rating4.75 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gawith & Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented”

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5 out of 5
Rich, Strong and Satisfying!
The broken flakes seem fairly rustic, but they burn well enough. I think this would appeal to fans of Peterson's Irish Flake and HH Old Dark Fired. I actually prefer it to IF, as it has a more rounded and complex flavor profile to my taste. Although, unscented, I can taste and smell a small bit of Lakeland flavoring, perhaps just from shared equipment and machinery. Unless a person is absolutely repulsed by any Lakeland essences, I don't think it would be an issue. If anything, it adds a bit of complexity to the earthy and leathery fire-cured and air-cured components. This blend does deliver on the nicotine as well. It makes a fine after-meal blend, though as a nicotine addict, I also enjoy it as a morning smoke for that kick-start with coffee.
4 out of 5
Just what I was looking fore to boost up some of my favorite more mild tobaccos, for a good eve smoke.
5 out of 5
Excellent as a blender or smoked all by itself.
I purchased this in place of Sweet Maple Twist that is on back order. I did not expect it to be as good so my expectations may have been low, but boy was I surprised! I first smoked half a bowl of this in one of my briar pipes and I was amazed at how smooth and cool it smoked. It even has a unique tobacco flavor that is kind of addicting. Best of all the buzz from this was better than any other strong tobacco I have ever smoked. The next day I blended this 50/50 with Sutliff Virginia Flake and smoked in a bog pipe. The experience was beyond description! Burns perfectly, no tongue bite and no bad after taste or ghosting of my pipe. It also blends well with aromatics & gives them that extra kick that some of them need.
5 out of 5
Loving this so far!
I've ordered this for the second time because it is SUCH a great tobacco. I don't even think I have access to enough vocabulary with which to describe how wonderfully this has treated me on nights after which I've tired myself through rough, high-capacity days at work. This is the blend which I should probably stock in great quantities because the nicotine content knocks me flat out, every time. I've started experimenting with smoking aromatics during the entire day and ending with a powerhouse to see how well I sleep after a nice, big bowl. So far, excellent. When finances allow I'll be ordering this and storing it in a jar for future use as well as aging purposes.
Customer Testimonials
This review is from a brand-new smoker of pipes, regarding Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Dark Flake Unscented. First, I have to state that I am as new to pipes as possibly three weeks as of this review (July 11th, 2015) and my first order for pipe tobaccos, I must say, was phenomenally quick for being located across the States. I ordered five different tobaccos, this of which was the second tobacco I tried. If you're brand-new to smoking any tobaccos to any degree, I would really like to say that you would be probably making a mistake starting off with this tobacco. As it is a flake, one must do a small bit of preparation-- information about which can be found elsewhere. But if you have a history of cigars and formerly cigarettes, here goes: [Insert excited cuss words galore here]! I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with this tobacco! Some people absolutely despise flakes-- for reasons I cannot discover. This is a very rich, flavorful blend. I enjoyed my first pipeful about 15 minutes ago. Halfway through, I began to experience a very calming sensation running throughout my arms and head, and began also to feel a peace which I can't say I ever found in most of the cigar blends I have tried. Slightly spicy, billowy smoke reeling around my head in a slight breeze, and properly fitting for any situation where relaxation is the prime destination-- all of this was an experience never to be forgotten. Seasoned smokers will find this truly delightful. I, myself, being so new to pipes, have naught to compare, since most of my pipe tobaccos thus far have been PA, CB and Smoker's Pride-- but I can honestly state here that I could easily use this as a pre-bedtime ritual to reflect on the day's events for what I can possibly see as being many pipes to come. I would tread with some caution and not smoke this while driving, but for what it's worth, I am not disappointed and can see myself with a stock of this for a while. Five star blend, this!
MS of Hanford, CA
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