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Hearth & Home Signature 10 to Midnight Pipe Tobacco
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Hearth & Home Signature 10 to Midnight

Hearth & Home Signature Ten to Midnight is a dark, full Balkan-style tobacco containing bright and matured Carolina and Virginias, a healthy mixture of Turkish and Orientals, and plenty of flavorful, fragrant Latakia, pressed into a firm crumble cake. A superb late-evening smoke that can stand up to a sturdy single-malt scotch, small-batch bourbon or hearty port, Ten to Midnight will make your evening.

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Overall Rating4.65 out of 5 Based on 34 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature 10 to Midnight”

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4 out of 5
Quite nice
This blend is a wonderful example of a savory Balkan, slight sweet notes throughout, light on the Latakia but nice and smoky with a slow puff. Rub gently as this will turn to dust if your to aggressive. Will compare to Russ tasty cake to see if this blend stays in my rotation.
5 out of 5
New pipesmoker-First tobacco
I'm new to pipe smoking, so my review is not much use to experienced smokers. I bought several different types of tobacco to try. I didn't know which type to try first ie burleys, virginias, etc. After being overwhelmed with suggestions from reviews and other sources, I picked this one to smoke first because it smelled so good to me. To me the tin note was great. Smelled like a burning fireplace log, which I love. I have starting out with a MM Missouri Pride neked pipe. I do not have enough experience with a taste palate yet, but its seemed smooth and not harsh. I cannot speak to the room note, as I am a lone smoker. I think my starting choice is a winner (at least to me).
5 out of 5
Night Time Pleasures
Hearth & Home 10 to Midnight is a wonderful English blend when you want a serious amount of latakia. Though I'm mostly an Aromatic smoker, I do enjoy the varieties offered with English blends. 10 to Midnight is one of the strongest blends I have in my cellar containing latakia. It's usually one of the last blends I smoke at night.
5 out of 5
My favorite so far.
My favorite so far.
5 out of 5
Goodbye nightcap Hello 10 to midnight
If you like Dunhill’s nightcap then please try this! Night cap for me was a seven out of 10 But 10 to mid. Is a 10 out of 10. It has a good amount of Latakia of course, but not too much as to cover up the other tobaccos. This is my new go to Latakia bland.
5 out of 5
Ten to midnight. And it's 2:30am passed Midnight!!
Fired up my meerschum pipe with some Ten to midnight, the taste is Awesome, the fragrance is also Awesome!!
5 out of 5
Ten to midnight
I was looking for another taste in tobacco, so I bought 10 to midnight, thought that I would try something new,
4 out of 5
Glad I bought some
A hard light for me and takes some relights, but this is a rewarding smoke. I think this and Fusiliers Ration are two tobaccos that I've discovered over this winter, which I cannot wait to smoke in the summer. This is going to be my late night, porch sitting, river-valley-watching tobacco. And it will probably find its way in to my pack for backpacking, too. It's got this very deep Latakia flavor that plays well with the other tobaccos in the blend for a sweet, smokey experience. Really pleased. I shared some with a friend tonight and we both had some great conversation, and the namesake timeframe was about right.
4 out of 5
Just too pungent
Tried this after all the good reviews. Agree on most points. It is a really good smoke. A bit hard to light, but worth the effort. I really liked the flavor. My only negative is that this is the smelliest tobacco I've ever tried. As some others have said, smells like a campfire. That is the downside. When I come in from smoking on my patio (never smoke inside my house) I have to take whatever clothes/shirt I have on and immediately toss them in the washer. Not sure I will be ordering more. Damn shame, as it's a really tasty tobacco to smoke.
4 out of 5
now a permanent party of my lineup
I tend to prefer a little more bold blends, but purchased this one based on some other reviews. Cool smoking. Mild enough to smoke all day. A little sweet on the nose, I use it to introduce newer smokers to non-aromatics. I keep a good portion on hand now.
5 out of 5
Tasty, Tasty, Tasty!
Purchased a 4 oz. order to try this. I gave 1/2 to a friend. We both really like this blend! The flavor is nice, and it's strong enough to taste while drinking a strong cup of coffee or adult beverage as a compliment to your smoke. The bulk presentation was pretty much already rubbed out for me, which was fine, since you end up having to break it up prior to smoking anyhow. Lots of interesting flavor happening here, especially if you take your time and really enjoy your smoking experience.
5 out of 5
Pleasantly surprising blend...
Finally discovered what my tall skinny bent briar is good for. Open the pouch and the Latakia asserts itself immediately...then there’s the crumble cake aspect...I broke it down to 1/4” chunks, stuffed the bowl and noted that it was already 10:30...a half hour late to light up. Even with my crummy rubbing out technique, it isn’t hard to light and keep going. It’s amazingly smooth! Not even a hint of bite. Lotsa smoke and a very pleasant Latakia aroma. A note of sweetness now and again. The larger pieces may yield brief periods of differing flavor...adds adventure for sure. My poor rubbing out approach necessitated a couple of relights, aka pauses to reflect. For its rugged appearance and Latakia nature, it sure is a nice mild smoke. I’ll do better on the next bowl. Definitely think a deep narrow bowl is a plus on this one...oh yeah, this 10:30 start looks like it could easily make 11:30 or later before running out...not a bad thing. The Mountain road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque is an easy one hour drive. I’ll try that next, should time out just about right.
4 out of 5
Interesting stuff
H&H 10 to Midnight has its own thing going on. It's got a richness and a complexity that is hard to nail down but easy to enjoy. It is mild enough to smoke all day, but I use it as a break between my dark-fired Burleys and traditional English blends. I didn't give it 5 stars because it has to be rubbed out pretty hard before it will burn well. But it is tasty. TRY SOME!
3 out of 5
Tin note better than the smoke...
Three stars because the tin note is actually better than the smoke. I just received 2 oz. because I wanted to try it. the tobacco is kinda sticky; probably due to the pressing? It's not a bad english, but there's better out there like all of the Frog Morton's. Has a slight tongue bite but not bad. The tin note reminds me of a camp fire or BBQ, but you don't get that while smoking it. I'm going to cellar this for a while and see if it improves?
5 out of 5
Flavorful and fragrant
This is excellent. Fairly sweet, smokey and fragrant. The cakes/flakes are pressed very dense and hard. Needs some time to get lit and some relights. Smokes dry and cool. It's a very good latakia blend. Not too strong and IMO not only for late night.
4 out of 5
Campfire room note
This is a nice tobacco. I ordered it along with the current bulk version of Dunhill Nightcap looking for a heavy latakia blend. They are not much alike. Nightcap is spicy and complex. 10 to Midnight is a simpler smoke. But it's a nice soft smoke which I enjoy. Wonderful campfire room note. That's the feature I like best about 10 to Midnight - smoky room note that I find very pleasant. Mouth feel is great, but I want more variety of flavor. So I usually put in a a healthy pinch of something else depending on my mood. I've often added McClelland's blending oriental to get a spicier smoke. Now and then I add a strong burley flake to get more nicotine. Smoking it straight however, I found it a bit dull in flavor after mid bowl. Perhaps I need to smoke it slower. I recommend a smaller pipe for this blend. Btw, I like drier tobacco and this crumble cake was not too dry for my taste. Good to have on hand. I'll order more when I run out.
5 out of 5
Everyday Smoke
This is my everyday smoke. Russ, made a perfect full bodie smoke, with a beautiful aroma and leaves a gorgeous white ash. Wife loves smell also. You should try this bkend
4 out of 5
Perfect ending of my day!
What else can be said about this tobacco? It is smoky and relaxing but please smoke slow!
4 out of 5
So Much Latakia
Gorgeous, black slabs of smokey, sweet bliss. The 'tin note' (bought mine in bulk and have a jar stuffed full) is dark and mysterious like... Who am I kidding? It smells like the most delicious beef jerky you've ever had and I wish you luck in not taking a bite. The cake is awesome; So easy to prepare, not to mention store. Sweet and silky smoke- tasted of fresh linen and dark fruit with a light floral aftertaste and a hint of spice with absolutely no bite. burns slow, cool, and dry. the downside- Personally I love the aroma, but unless your guests are pipe smokers, you may have to smoke this one on the porch. I think this blend comes close to containing the maximum percentage of Latakia a blend can contain while remaining varied and interesting. As soon as this is back in stock, I will be grabbing a few more bricks.
5 out of 5
My go to everyday smoke
Sligtly sour bag note, but not at all evident in the bowl. Comes in a compressed cake form. Complex in flavor. Good amount of Latakia, but not overpowering. Floral-like oriental in the background. Subtly sweet. It gets better as the midpoint smoking of the bowl. Gets a little spicy near the end of the bowl. I have several tobacco jars but always come back to this. Quite a smokey room note. I've gotten comments on whether something is burning a couple hours after it's been smoked. Probably better as an outdoor smoke. Great evening smoke for pondering before bed. Highly recommended. I find myself pleasantly sighing while smoking this blend. I love it so much I'll sometimes smoke back-to-back bowls! This'll be a regular purchase for sure. Age: 1 month Pipe: Meerschaum -------------- -Pipe newbie (~4 months) -Female pipe smoker, late 20s -cigarette smoker convertee
5 out of 5
Smooth, rich, elegant.
I am so pleased with 10 to Midnight, and so glad to see it's available in bulk, I wish more of the great ones were.
5 out of 5
A new favorite
LOVE this product. Ordered an oz one of a variety to help discover cross section of blends I might like. Home run. Back ordered but I'm list for more
5 out of 5
A daily in my tobacco rotation!
This has become my daily Latakia tobacco. Cool, smooth and balanced. First gut it in a deal, fell in love with it immediately!
5 out of 5
An excellent Balkan-style krumble kake. Just the right balance of Latakia to Virginia. The Orientals add a little extra depth… A savory and citrusy perfection.
5 out of 5
Aka 11:50 PM
Don't be thinking this is penzance. Because it's not, I actually think it's better in the Latakia dept. With age penzance seems to lose its smokiness. This blend is great for the price.
5 out of 5
THE GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome English/Balken blend will definitely purchase again A+++++
4 out of 5
Latakia blend
Not a bad Latakia blend, I'd put it right up there with Ashton artison and Dunhill nightcap.
5 out of 5
Loving it
Loving it
5 out of 5
oh meh gerd!!
This is lovely. i love english blends and i love cakes. fun to prepare and even more enjoyable to smoke. its everything i love about an english. smokey, effervescent latakia and an elusive undercurrent of something "buttery". i keep puffing just to find and define what that is, but i just cant quite grab it. the fun is in the hunt i suppose. All day, everyday if allowed... i see a lot of comparisons to Penzance. if its anything like this i bet its wonderful. if i never get to try it i don't think ill care as long as i can get my hands on 10 to midnight. Regrets? not buying a pound...
5 out of 5
And so to bed . . .
This has become my favorite late night smoke. It burns slowly and cleanly, and the flavor comes through to the last puff. The name is a perfect match to the blend, with its deep notes and smooth finish.
5 out of 5
Great Stuff!
This was my first latakia blend and I was not disappointed. The first thought after smelling the bag (i went for the bulk) was a campfire in the woods. The taste was great and it lingered for quite a while. The room was warm and relaxing, though perhaps not to those who are not used to tobacco. There was a slight peppery taste/sesation throughout, which was pleasant. Overall, I cannot wait to order more. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Long, Cool Latakia
Long, cool, Mild Latakia
5 out of 5
Classic Blend
One of the best english/balkan blends I've tried to date, H&H has never let me down and this is another winner.
4 out of 5
Nice way to end the day
This has become my favorite tobacco to end the day with. Nice burn and a deep rich flavor that really helps me let it all go.
Customer Testimonials
Superb! High praise to all involved...Easily mistaken for Penzance...
RC of Clemmons, NC
A wonderfully delicious, spicy, complex satisfying VaPer. Highly recommended.
AF of San Francisco, CA
Wonderful. Cool, dry, flavorful. Latakia all the way. A bit one note, but you get what you came for.
JB of New York, NY
I got this blend in a sampler, and was not at all disappointed. I love that smoky flavor of Latakia, and it comes through in this English type blend. I found the flavor to be more in the medium range than the advertised mild. It burns a bit hot, but with no bite. I'd definitely buy it again, it's a truly great blend.
RB of Steele, AL
I'm kind of new to pipe smoking. English blends are my favorite. Especially if they have that Latakia in it. This is some HEAVY stuff. Not for the weak. Upon opening it, I was met with leather, and smoked jerky smells. My 2 oz. portion came in 2 big 1 oz. chunks. I could tell they were pressed with a great amount of force. Breaking it apart was easy. The smoking experience was pleasant. I now know the meaning of a "latakia bomb". Don't let that discourage you. While it has a lot of latakia in it, it is a complex smoke. Very enjoyable. I am unsure if this will make my rotation, but I did enjoy it. You really can't beat the price. Since many have said that this particular blend is very similar to another (way overpriced) tinned tobacco that is hard to get, I snatched it up. I can't vouch if they are similar since I never smoked the real thing. If this is your 1st krumble kake blend, I'd recommend Mississippi River, or the heavier Plum Pudding. Pick up a 1oz. sample of this to compare since it's super affordable.
NW of Warren, MI
Russ must be a genius. I could always take or leave Latakia (usually the latter), but this tastes great! Other people have compared 10 to Midnight to Penzance (I have never had it). I do know it's smoky and lightly floral, with a nice bit of sweetness. This has become an English/Balkan blend that I actually look forward to smoking again.
ND of Morristown, TN
I got 10 to Midnight in the Treaure Trove Sampler, and I'm new to pipe smoking. This blend taught me an important lesson about pipe tobacco: don't judge a tobacco by its tin note! Aside of the other blends in the sampler, many of which are VERY delicious aromatics, this one didn't smell the greatest in the tin to my novice nose. Nevertheless, I filled a cob pipe with it and went out for a walk with my dogs. Man! This stuff was an entirely pleasant surprise!! It had some sort of smoky spice like incense or something that was so pleasant. Burned cool for over 30 min and burnt to a an ash all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Easy on the tongue. Thank you for a great blend!! VERY nice!!
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
If you are looking for a inexpensive alternative to Esoterica's Penzance, look no further folks. It's got it all - the tin note, the perfect amount of sweet and smoke... if your still reading and not ordering this baccy you must have a screw loose, cause this comes in a delicious krumble kake that rubs out like a dream. The kind of dream that's made up of waterfall made out of sunsets and unicorns- and you get to smoke it. So stop trying to picture its essence and go order some before I buy my new airplane hanger to fill with this hoss.
JN of Oneida,, NY
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