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Hearth & Home Signature Ambassador
  • Hearth & Home Signature Ambassador
  • Hearth & Home Signature Ambassador
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Hearth & Home Signature Ambassador's Blend

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This blend was created as a result of a number of requests for something in the same vein as some of the richer Dunhill tobaccos- London Mixture, Standard Mixture Full and Medium. Seasoned English blend smokers are familiar with the warm and rich flavor of those mixtures, and although we didn't try to duplicate any of their tobaccos, we have worked to recreate the general spirit and flavor profile of these old friends. Members of our sampling group made comments like: "I think you've nailed it." and "I haven't tasted anything like this in years." Find out what they're talking about with our top-selling, highly-rated Ambassador's Blend.

Overall Rating4.44 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Ambassador's Blend”

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3 out of 5
De gustibus non disputandem...
3.5/5 Given my recent foray into serious pipe smoking and my (I presume) unusually swift transfer into heavier English blends, I found Ambassador on the lighter side and lacking in flavour. It does have flavour (some lighter notes of barbecue, charcoal fires and black pepper--not fruit forward at all like Blackpoint), and in fact I would recommend it as a starter for those interested in experimenting with English blends, but I would not add it to my rotation. It burns a little hot, and even though it leaves no dottle in the pipe, it leaves no impression on my mind either.
4 out of 5
rich, smokey, distinguished
I found this blend robust, with distinctive room note, this is leathery with a sandalwood type quality, very interesting on the pallet.
5 out of 5
Ambassador's Blend
Pay attention! I've already written a review on this blend..A++
5 out of 5
great evening smoke
very good, smooth blend. Not too harsh or bide, just smooth. recommend it.
3 out of 5
I had two time back
I had two time back ordered my last purchase! I sill have one order to come!
5 out of 5
H&H Ambassadors blend
For me it is a great English blend that has a taste all of its own. It is a bite free mellow smoke that can be enjoyed any time. It will most deffinatly stay in my rotation as go to blend.
5 out of 5
H & H Ambassador's blend
H & H does it again. I have been ordering Ambassador's blend on a regular basis for more than a year now, I order eight onces at a time. It is by far one of the best english blends that I have smoked, and I've been smoking english blends for more than forty years. H & H ambassador's blend taste wonderful, has a great room note, burns clean to bottom of bowl, absolutely no bite that I can detect and I smoke hard. Can be smoked all day and is offered at a fair price. Also you may appreciate H&H House of Lords or Larry's Blend.
5 out of 5
A touch of sweet
This is a nice blend. I was surprised by the touch of sweetness. I would recommend this to anyone who likes any of the tobaccos in this as it is blended quite nicely for a satisfying smoke.
5 out of 5
Home run!
I am a fan of Latakia/English blends and therefor decided to purchase a Latakia sampler pack to give a few new tobaccos a try. I received this in the London Fog Sampler Pack, and have truly enjoyed this smooth smoking Latakia forward blend. It's not as strong as some of the Dunhill tobaccos, but it is just as flavorful. Hearth and Home hit a home run with this one and I intend to purchase more in the future.
Customer Testimonials
Not much there. No "body"
TD of ingram, TX
I got this blend with my pipe purchase as part of a package deal. I am usually skeptical of "free" stuff but figured I'd give it a try. It has a strong mesquite smell to it that is pleasant. I packed it using the Two Step Method and it stays lit quite well all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Mild tongue bite on a hard draw but if I breath through my nose at the same time I am fine. This could be my favorite tobacco so far. I am a convert from aromatics I think.
LE of Riverside, CA
Great smoke. I do have to relight this one more than usual, so have to work on the pack I guess.
BR of saum, MN
I have received three different Hearth & Home Blends. All three the blends were extremely dry. This is not the way you should receive an order of tobacco. I will try and moisten them up a small bit and see what happens because I smoked one pipe full of Signature Larry's Blend and the taste was not bad, but it’s hard to pack, kept going out and had a bite to it. 3 out of 3 negatives. Not really good.
GA of Katy, TX
Wonderful English blend. A very smooth and bold flavor, not too strong, not too mellow, burns fairly cool, has a great taste.
BC of Monument, CO
I lean toward aromatics so I'm real picky about my Latakia blends. Simply put, I can't find a single negative about this blend.....but can find a whole lot of positives. It's gentle on the tongue while delivering a mouthful of warm Latakia creaminess. For some reason it reminds me of autumn leaves...and that's a good thing. It stays lit and maintains coolness in the bowl. Highly recommend that you give this a try.
CN of Seminole, FL
I recently ran out of a blend from one of the major brands but decided to give this a try instead. I am very pleased with this one. It is as good, and better than, the other one and it is a little cheaper as well. This is a cool-burning smoke that stays lit. Great tobacco flavor, complex but well-balanced, and thick creamy smoke. Great buy! H&H is the good stuff.
WB of Houston, TX
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