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Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake

Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake- We wanted to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Hearth & Home tobaccos with a special blend, and due to a fortunate "accident", we were able to create this one. We ordered a blending Virginia that we expected to be all Red, but it turned out to be a mixture of everything from lemon through brown, and when we opened the bag, the aroma was amazing. We were able to order more of this tobacco, and then we combined it with Acadian Perique (a good amount), heat-treated and pressed it. The result is a smooth, flavorful cake with a mouth-watering chocolate and fig pouch aroma.

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Overall Rating3.83 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake”

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5 out of 5
I'm new to VaPers --
I'm new to VaPers -- having mostly been a Balkan and Oriental fan. And I'm a bit of a McClelland's snob. So I was happily surprised how good Anniversary Kake is -- an example of a current blend that is as good as any historic one. I don't detect the rum mentioned in tobacco reviews -- to me it's a nicely fermented virginia - just tobacco all the way -- very smooth, slightly and probably naturally sweet, with enough perique to keep it interesting.
3 out of 5
I smoked pipe on and
I smoked pipe on and off since the early seventies. Maybe i am spoiled, maybe my taste buds do not work well anymore but these days i find it increasingly hard to find satisfying tobaccos that i can actually taste . Same apolies to the anni kake
3 out of 5
Plenty of perique
The amount of perique in the blend is excellent and provides a peppery flavor, the rest is kind of watery and lacks the sweetness that I look for. I have yet to taste chocolate notes in the smoke.
3 out of 5
Good but has the potential to be great
This is a good blend. The smell of the tobaccos is delightful. The only draw back for me is that it burns hot and gives me tongue bite no matter how slow and soft I puff. It does come very moist and that could be attributing to the tongue bite. Other than the harshness i would give this blend 5 stars.
5 out of 5
great all day burley
Recently returned to pipe smoking after 30+ yr hiatus. have sampled dozens of blends trying to find the perfect smoke for me.i've found 3 so far -1 a mild aro -not tyoo sweet , 1 a very rich dbl. pressed blend - great night smoke and Anniversary Kake - perfect any time & a good price. thanks p&c for my new (so far) favorite tabac.
4 out of 5
Nothing like it
A great tobacco. Very little Perique, no pepper taste just a plum and figgy. A good dark chocolate taste up front. It’s very unique, I’ve never tasted anything like it. Smoke slowly or it will bite you. I only gave it four stars because it is weak in nicotine.
Customer Testimonials
Good stuff!
MH of Bronx, NY
This is a very smooth smoking blend. No bite. I have to admit, I expected more flavor, but, typically I smoke some full flavored tobaccos with relatively high nicotine content. I will try it again with my first cup of coffee, instead of at night with my second scotch/rocks.
JB of Seguin, TX
4 Stars! Flavor, burn, mouth-feel etc., this blend has it all! Each star bumps it up to the next star! I'd give it 5 stars for what it is if I could :-)
DL of Miami, FL
Wonderful medium strength, sweet spicey, sour, complex VaPer. Highly recommended.
AF of San Francisco, CA
Wow. This blend is fantastic! I found it more complex than I thought it would be. When it arrived, it was a little moist but I gave it about 10 minutes and it was set to go. The taste is sweet and reminds me of plums, raisins, bread and fig. As the bowl got about midway, the perique began to come out and make its presence. Towards the end of the bowl it changed again! The perique got a little stronger and the smoke became much more creamier with slight sweetness and tartness. Overall just a fantastic blend that goes to show how much of a genius Russ is. Gonna be ordering me much more of this for sure!
MB of Chicago, IL
Bought two ounces bulk to try this stuff out. Reminds me of an apple pie with more clove flavor and dark brown sugar and a little lemon in the back. Puts out a good amount of smoke. Will order more when the 2 oz. runs out.
IC of Pipersville, PA
Wow! Just received my 8oz tin from the backorder. I will say that this is a great mellow smoke. If you didn't tell me this was Mississippi River I wouldn't know the difference, and at half the Price! Will definitely be keeping stocked with this one. Great mild blend, and worth every penny. Kudos to Russ!
NE of Columbus Grove, OH
I just started my journey into the VaPer world and this is one of my first. I have to say this blend is great! It's hard to describe the tin note, but the flavor is awesome! It smokes smoothly. This is one of my favorites now! Great job Pipes&Cigars!
BW of Pomona, CA
I'll sum this review up in three words, in case you don't keep reading: seriously tasty tobacco. As an almost exclusively aromatics man, this was my foray into VaPer blends since I got a free tin with my Stanwell Hans Christian Andersen pipe (deal of the year, by the way--get one if you still can!). I'm often disappointed by aromatics that smell amazing in the pouch and in the room but let me down on taste. Anniversary Kake delivers on all of the above. It had a rich, satisfying tobacco taste that was smooth with natural sweetness and complexity and simply refused to bite (I only let it sit out 10 minutes before packing using the Frank Method, which I highly recommend). I only intended on trying it out, but had to finish the bowl because it was that good. It burned like a dream, smoked cool, stayed lit and tasted amazing all the way to the end of the bowl.
JA of Antioch, TN
I am a relatively new pipe smoker experimenting with various types of tobbacos. Traditionally I have been a aromatic smoker, and for the most part happy with that experience. On a whim (and by the reviews) I purchased some H&H anniversery kake and really loved the smoke, so heres my meager newbie reveiw. Pouch aroma is sweet, very remenicent of figs. The texure has some moisture, but burns very well, one light, pack and relight and I was good. Taste, is exceptional, with sweetness and very smooth tobacco flavors, with a little peppery ting from the perique, not bite though. Just order some more.......a lot more.
WB of Norwood, PA
When I first tried this, I honestly didn't care for it. I had ordered just a few ounces in bulk so, I jarred it up and set it aside. Well a few months have passed and I decided to try it again. Well, age changed all. This is a great blend. I don't taste a lot of perique in it, but it's there on he back side to add a little zest. I think this would be a great blend to cellar up for a while. Plan on ordering more just for that purpose. If two months adds this much, I'm curious to what a year or two will do. It's slightly sweet, medium in strength and flavor a lot of true tobacco taste and just a bit of zest with the perique. Room note is pleasant, and the aroma while smoking is quite nice. Burns clean all the way down to the heel with little to no bite leaving a nice silver ash. Doesn't over-heat, even with rapid puffer like myself. Mild enough to smoke all day, strong enough to satisfy. A hard balance to strike. It seems to be a very moist mixture, for whatever reason. I have set some out over-night to let it dry, and well, it doesn't. Oddly enough, it smokes dry, even though it feels moist. Will keep in a carry pouch for days. As a side note, though burley isn't mentioned in the components - this is a great "break in blend". It cakes nicely without leaving any ghost, except for tobacco and will burn consistently to the heel without over-heating. A good blend, I recommend trying some, just let it age a bit and you'll be rewarded.
TS of Tulsa, OK
Tasty, tasty Va/Per blend. Sweet with a nice tanginess to it, and a spicy tickle on the tongue from the Perique. The tobacco itself is a beautiful reddish brown with a fantastic tin note.
ND of Morristown, TN
This stuff is fantastic. Based on the description, I was expecting something sweet, but instead it surprised me... in a great way. Someone previously reviewed that this was like a "mean in a smoke"... I completely agree. It's very savory, mildly sweet and sour. Not in-your-face, but not super light. Very flavorful and pleasant smelling. One of my favorites already.
BC of Monument, CO
This is good stuff. I bought based on the reviews and I'm not sorry.
MG of Harrisburg, PA
Smoked straight out of the bag, this is a great smoke. Slightly sweet, chocolately, and raisiny, a real testament to Russ's blending and tobacco procurement skills. After I let it age about six months, it rounded out very nicely, shedding some of the sweet for a more robust flavor with the perique coming closer to the front stage and adding a wonderful pepperiness to the smoke. I have more bowls of this than Cheerios in the morning. Great with that cup of coffee in the AM.
CJ of Wichita, KS
I have been an on-again, off-again pipe smoker for a few years. No brand gave me real tasty enjoyment. Even those highly praised brands were nothing memorable. In the garbage they went. So when I got the itch again, I tried this one. I think I have struck gold. Actually I know I have, because I just ordered 4 more eight-ounce tins. Currently cheaper then bulk! Can't wait for my tax rebate. Naturally sweet taste and aroma, without being an aromatic. Doesn't bite much, maybe a tingle if you puff like a freight train. Nicotene is barely noticable, except towards the end a bit. Definitely full flavor that can be enjoyed all day long, without making you feel sickly. Corn cob will get very hot to hold. May need just a bit of dry out time before smoking. Does not taste like a cigarette. This is a good solid pipe tobacco, at a great price. More affordable then the cigars I used to buy. And great on-the-go!!!
CS of Grey Eagle, MN
Ok, lots of hype here about this smoke. Open the tin and get a great aroma. Figgy, sweet, raisin like scents. The tobacco itself is light in color soft to the touch, and slightly moist. Very promising. However it failed to preform at all. Yeast like flavor with a small amount of pepper. That's it. Maybe it will improve with some settling time, I hope so. I'll try it again in 6 months.
JA of Greendale, WI
This is by far my favorite VaPer blend, but it is a bit on the moist side. VaPer blend is about all I smoke, it's clean, sweet, and doesn't end with a disappointing off burn at the end of the bowl like many aromatics. Unlike many VaPer blends, this one refrains from biting the tongue quite as much as it's counterparts, the pouch aroma closely matches what is advertised here, definitely pick up a bit of sweet fig combined with a touch of pepper. Taste is fantastic, not overly sweet but definitely not a dry smoke. Sipping on this is recommended, taking your time will yield a pleasant room note , fantastic taste, and a clean finish.
SP of Brighton, CO
This tobacco has quickly become my goto smoke. I mean, I can't put it down. I get a sweet and sour taste ( matured virginias?) along with a nice dose of nicotine. If you like virginias then you owe it to yourself to give it a try!
MW of Mound City, KS
If you like Virginia/Perique blends, you will love this one. The Virginia blend is nicely complemented with the spices Perique. You do have to appreciate the Perique however, there is a good bit of it. Defiantly one to try, and for me, one to keep in rotation.
CR of Simpsonville, SC
If you want a tobacco that is going to taste good, smell good, and get compliments from non smokers, get yourself some anniversary kake from pipes and cigars, and we cant forget russ, cause he does all the great blending. I sometimes smoke other brands, but I always seem to go back to russ for the best blends around.
FI of scranton, PA
Blend to me is outstanding, quickly becoming my favorite go to smoke. Burns very well if you let it dry out a little. Out of the 8 ounce tin resemble shredded wheat in milk more than kakes. Good amount of perique. 4 out of 4 stars for me.
NP of Amelia Ct Hse, VA
This is one my favorites. Sweet and sour taste. It's like a meal in a smoke!
MW of Mound City, KS
Anniversary Kake is the perfect name for this blend, as the sweet, spicy, chocolaty, vanilla aromas remind me of a cake in the tin note. But, once you set the match to bowl it becomes a serious VaPer, sweet, yet serious tobacco taste coming through. Not peppery at all, but spicy like a pastry. But, with all of my descriptors like sweet and cake-like, don't get me wrong, this is not sweet from a casing, but from the pressed Virginias. If there is a topping or casing, it is well disguised.
MJ of Helena, AL
To all pipe smokers, you just have to try anniversary kake once and you will be hooked, russ really outdid himself on this tobacco, it is the best Virginia tobaccos that I have smoked, you will have to try it, and you will see. best of the best vapers. try it you will love it. frank
FI of scranton, PA
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