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Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake Pipe Tobacco
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Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake

Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake- We wanted to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Hearth & Home tobaccos with a special blend, and due to a fortunate "accident", we were able to create this one. We ordered a blending Virginia that we expected to be all Red, but it turned out to be a mixture of everything from lemon through brown, and when we opened the bag, the aroma was amazing. We were able to order more of this tobacco, and then we combined it with Acadian Perique (a good amount), heat-treated and pressed it. The result is a smooth, flavorful cake with a mouth-watering chocolate and fig pouch aroma.

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Overall Rating4.51 out of 5 Based on 86 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Anniversary Kake”

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3 out of 5
Not much flavor
Not much flavor
3 out of 5
Very Enjoyable
I'm enjoying this blend and figuring it out. The bag note has a strong musty perique smell leading you to think it's going to be spicy but there's virtually no spice in the smoke. The Virginias are very mild so that the first half of the bowl is pretty mild overall. In the second half of the bowl, the stewed fruit of the perique starts to shine. It's the second half that keeps me coming back. Overall a light, all day VaPer that is easy to enjoy. This would gain a star for me if the Virginias were more distinctive.
5 out of 5
An amazing blend!
I’ve been trying a little bit of everything here lately and I’ve got to say this is definitely on the top of my list. I enjoy everything about this blend, it’s definitely a great all day smoke. I purchased an ounce of it to see if I’d like it and it didn’t last but a couple days. Needless to say I’ll be stocking up on this one. I’m very curious to see how this one ages also. The trick will be staying out of it long enough to do so.
5 out of 5
Am anxious to try this
Am anxious to try this blend.
4 out of 5
Snuff dipper
Good but a just a little bite for me.
5 out of 5
Tasty blend. Smokeable without drying.
Tasty blend. Smokeable without drying. Burns cool.
5 out of 5
Good fruit cake flavor
5 out of 5
That sweet va/per experience your
That sweet va/per experience your looking for but just unique enough to be its own. Though my cake was more ready rubbed then cake, more cake pieces with mostly ready to pack tobacco.
5 out of 5
Still Delightful Even after 12 years in the Jar
Absolutely delicious and well worth the cost. It was so good I jarred up a batch back in 2009 and decided to open up the 12 year old Mason jar last night. It tastes even better than I remember it! The only difference is the fig/plum flavors seem to pop a little more and the tobacco has even more mellowness. I'm glad P&C decided to continue making this lovely stuff. Give it a try, especially if you are a VaPer fan, you will not regret it,
4 out of 5
Good First Va-Per
I'm a long time aromatic smoker, one of my favorites was 1q/BCA in a 1-to-1 mix. I decided it's time to see what other tobaccos are like and so this was one of my first dips into the perique family. the tin note is almost fruity (hints), the Virginias can burn hot so please be mindful of your cadence. The perique isn't too strong and has a neutral taste. the room note is that of incense. if you want to try perique but not something crazy go with this.
5 out of 5
I have liked this tobacco
I have liked this tobacco and the story of its semi accidental beginnings when your tobacco shop was on Rte 5 in Albany and I was working there for an engineering firm. To date it is still one of my favorites because of its balance between spicy and smooth characteristics. When rubbed out and let dry for a few minutes there is nothing much better.
4 out of 5
Very nice and tasty blend.
Very nice and tasty blend. Kind of unique for a VaPer and that's appealing to me. I ended up buying a cheap dedicated cob to smoke this mix as it leaves a presence in my briars. Enjoyable all the same. Probably would buy again.
5 out of 5
One of My Favorites
Always a favorite of mine. I have been smoking this blend off and on for years. Great Virginia and perique blend. Solid and meaty.
4 out of 5
It takes a moment for
It takes a moment for the flavor to unleash, I've noticed. This stuff is amazing if given the time to enjoy. It comes very moist and needs dry time. It has very unique flavor of red wine with a light bready toasty-ness. Definitely worth a try and an open mind/palate. Not an every day smoke for me but an enjoyable one nonetheless.
3 out of 5
5 out of 5
03 OCT, 2020 The tin
03 OCT, 2020 The tin note is chocolaty, much like fudge brownies. I also pick up on the fig aroma and a hint of Perique... This smells wonderful. My jowls are watering with anticipation. Under match you are instantly hit with chocolate and then some spiciness from the Perique. This is quite good and I like it a lot. It is cool smoking, flavorful and burns well, down to the bottom of the bowl. You really can't ask for much more from a blend of this nature. I am impressed and will likely add more. This is very, very good.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco. Crumble ,pack the
Excellent tobacco. Crumble ,pack the bowl.a nice change from lane tobacco.
5 out of 5
Delicious tasting tobacco
This is one of the best tobaccos I have tried yet. This is an aromatic without any topping. The tobacco mixture itself is very sweet tasting and has a nice room note. It burns slightly hot but does not bite. The taste gets sweeter towards the bottom of the bowl. I was not impressed at all at first. It was like an expensive Carter Hall. I left this open in a jar for two weeks to dry. I would check it, mix it up and eventually sealed it back up thinking I had an unimpressive blend. Feeling disappointed, I opened the jar and packed a bowl. My oh my was this ever good. I’ve asked my children and wife for more for Father’s Day. I hope it’s back in stock soon. This is fabulous!
5 out of 5
Dry it out
At first I wasnt impressed by this masterpiece of blending until I threw it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then smoked it in a cob and omg sweet tangy brown sugary goodness ordered more to cellar
5 out of 5
Rich and flavorful.
I bought two pounds of Anniversary Kake, after trying a small sample. The tobacco came to me very wet, and needed some drying time to make it smokable. The cakes were loosely pressed, and I got a few larger cakes and a lot broken cakes I'm smoking my first bowl in a small churchwarden pipe that I made myself. This pipe is reserved for Virginia and VaPer blends. After it settled in, and got into the zone, it's a very nice smoke. This one will heat up if you're not careful, but smoked slowly it has a rich and sweet flavor. It's definitely different than many other VaPer's, the bag/jar aroma and smoke flavor suggests a mild topping, that is quite pleasant. It is a bit cinnamon'y and peppery, there is obviously a good dose of Perique in it. My two pounds fit into two quart and one pint mason jars. I plan to age the quarts and smoke the pint young. I'm very pleased with this purchase, and I look forward to seeing how it changes with age.
4 out of 5
Love this stuff
Very good fresh. Can't wait to crack an aged tin.
5 out of 5
Awesome stuff would highly recommended
Awesome stuff would highly recommended with a dram of whiskey
5 out of 5
Great Kake mix
An amazingly smooth and balanced blend! I finished an ounce within 3 days
3 out of 5
First of all, I have no idea why this is called a "KAKE" style tobacco as the 1OZ sample I received had not 1 pressed chunk, is more of a ribbon cut than anything. Have only smoked a little bit of this blend so take this review for what it's worth. So far on my pipe smoking journey I have tried somewhere around 50 different blends and counting, just to give a little background. The aroma is sweet and would consider this a mild aromatic for sure. The taste is decent and sweet, although this one can bite and is part of the reason for a lower star review. I will continue to experiment with this Anniversary Kake as the flavor is quite good. For the price I would recommend giving it a try and who knows, it just might become one of your favorite blends! Happy piping!
5 out of 5
The best HH
Quite possibly the best HH baccy out there.
5 out of 5
A Different Kind of Review
After smoking for 40 years, I switched to Vaping seven years ago. Three years ago I began extracting my own tobacco flavors (cold Maceration). Anniversary Kake is one of my Keepers ! The Virginia is not grassy or overly sweet, it just provides a smooth blend of light tobacco flavor. The Perique is blended into the flavor, slightly less than say Louisiana Red. Neither tobacco dominates, but rather they are married together in a mild and smooth tobacco flavor. Because there are no added sugars or flavorings, this extracted tobacco flavor is very clean, which is important to Vaoers - because of their gear. H&H Anniversary Kake is always one of the first selections I look for with each order. I have given the extract to several other Vapers who enjoyed it, and a couple more have asked for it. Even in the Vaping Community, H&H Anniversary Kake is starting to build a reputation as a clean and delightful tobacco flavor !
5 out of 5
Great va-per!
Slightly tart smelling in container,this smoke has just enough perique to let you know it's there..slightly peppery and mixed with a deep ripe fruit,prune/raisin essence to me. I really enjoy this one..mild nic hit, but very mellow overall.
4 out of 5
Nice Vaper at a good
Nice Vaper at a good price
4 out of 5
Smoke this one slow it bites
5 out of 5
Anniversary Kake Excellence
I bought this tobacco, and it was suggested to me to let it age for a few years. I stored the Anniversary Kake in Mason jars and dated them. Well, over nine years later (dated 04/06/2010), I decided to open one of the jars and try it. The smoke is unbelievably smoothe, and the taste is excellent and mild! I purchased 2 lbs, so I have vintage, top quality tobac for quite a while.
4 out of 5
a good smoke
I really enjoyed this tobacco...great flavor will be smoking it again
3 out of 5
A little rich..
The topping is sweet and it's a decent smoke when it dries. Really does bring to mind a yellow birthday cake and smells a bit like baked goods as well. A little frilly and flowery, which can be nice, but not something I'd smoke all day. Probably wouldn't buy it again.
5 out of 5
so cool
so cool
5 out of 5
anniversary kake
My husband loved it!
5 out of 5
I love this stuff!
This tobacco came to me a bit wet. I let it sit out before smoking and it hits the spot after a meal. It is a strong tobacco but not too strong. I don't get tongue bite with this one. It is smokey and spicy without being overpowering. I will definitely order more.
4 out of 5
once you get the hang
once you get the hang of packing it is a good long lasting smooth smoke..stays lit well
3 out of 5
It's pretty good
So this came very very wet. Tried smoking right away and it was just too moist wouldnt stay lit etc. Dried some out over night which obviously fixed that problem. Once died out burns great out is a decent smoke but not quite as flavorful as i had hoped. I never get excited about smoking it but work it in to the rotation because it's not bad and i want to use it up.
5 out of 5
First ever non aromatic
This is the first non aromatic i have ever smoked. And i dont think i will be going back to aromatics anytime soon. This tobacco is sweet with a little bit of spice. Really tastey and i see why people seem to like this one. Shipping was quick and painless as always with pipes and cigars.
4 out of 5
Great !
Anniversary Kake is a great VA blend.
4 out of 5
Virginia excellence
This is an unusually interesting venture for those who like VA tobacco, with layered flavors. Definitely on the naturally sweet side.
4 out of 5
Solid choice for the VaPer weary
This is one of those blends that shows on the mellow side of the VaPer scale. While not lacking in tobacco flavor, it wont wear on your pallate like a more complex or full bodied blend. This blend doesnt rquire your full attention , but wont leave you disappointed while watching your favorite show , or reading. Its Mildly sweet, bready and has a bit of spice toround out this blend. I bought 8oz in bulk , and the bag contained a solid 3x3x.75 (approx) cake along with broken cake and ready-rubbed like pieces. It did come a little wet, amd requred about 15-30 mins of dry time I enjoy this best in a pot shape pipe while watching netflix in my recliner. A solid 4 star blend
4 out of 5
Easy to pack. Very mellow and pleasant aroma
3 out of 5
A bit too moist for my taste.
Great flavor, maybe a bit much. Accumulated much water in pipe regrettably.
5 out of 5
I wish I had started with this in my pipe!
Wow, is all I can say on this. The tin note had hints of chocolate, cinnamon, maybe little bit of fudge brownie would be better discription. I have never had this or any kake type tobaccos. I got 3oz just to start of bulk which the moisture was good. It required minimum drying time and soaked cool. The taste was not brownie, but cinnamon, maybe nutmeg on the retro hale, simisweet. I finshed only half the bowl and the second Haden the next day. It was still good, a little bit of a bite at first relight, but then got good again. I have read somewhere the this was the base for Russ' Fire Strorm, which I can see. I think I prefer this of FS.....strong close second.... I will be buys a few lbs of it when I get the chance...
5 out of 5
Good at purchase, great after 8 months and wonderful at 7 years.
I bought / Cellared several pounds 11/2011 and i can say as of 9/5/2018 its a WONDERFUL smoke. I've smoked on 2 of the mason jars through the years off and on and it hasn't changed much after the 8th month or so Cellared. The one thing it did was blend in well and become a wonderful smoke. I suggest still taking it nice and slow otherwise it can and will bite you but i'm going to have to order more because i'm down to 3 of the large mouth big jars of it.
4 out of 5
This is a great blend that's like nothing else
4 out of 5
Smooth and sweet
If you like your va/per tobacco moreally sweet then spicy this is it. Not as sweet as marlin flake but close, similar to McClelland's 2015
5 out of 5
Just Fantastic
I tried 2 oz of this on a whim as I am searching for new standbys to replace my beloved McClelland's blends. Sorry I only ordered 2 oz. As soon as it's back in stock I'll be ordering at least a pound!
4 out of 5
Anniversary Kake
I ordered 34 oz and this shipped in two bags of 16 oz and one bag of 2 oz. I am working my way through the 2 oz small bag. The Kake is very moist and so must be broken up and should be aired a bit or one will have difficulty keeping it lit. It is a good, tasty tobacco like all blends that Mr. O. invented. I prefer Anniversary Flake, but the Kake is a good tobacco.
5 out of 5
Anni kake
Lovely stuff
5 out of 5
Fantastic blend.
This is a great blend that I'd recommend to be in everyone's rotation. Next time it's in stock I can see at least and 8oz order happening.
5 out of 5
The Best VaPer Anywhere
My all time favorite tobacco. Some call this too sweet, but I think it's just right. The perfect amount of perique, as well. The tin note is amazing, and I could smoke this all day, every day. It will bite if you smoke it too hard. Anniversary Kake is the VaPer by which I judge all others.
5 out of 5
Better than sex.
Just kidding, it isn't but that isn't fair, because not much is. What I will say is that is is a sweet, mellow, and extremely pleasurable smoke. Get it while you can.
5 out of 5
American Kake Bulk
Orders on a whim based on the positive reviews. Great smoke, burns even throughout. Complimented by the wife in the room note. Will definitely buy again.
5 out of 5
#1 on my hit parade
If you haven't tried it I recommend that you do. The only problem is that it sells out as soon as it is back in stock. A great mellow enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
Very Tasty
If you like Virginias, this is a dream. There is a reason this flies off the "shelf". Russ Oulette is a legend!
5 out of 5
A very unique VaPer. Pleasant sweetness to it that I've not experienced in any other VaPer. The Perique definitely exhibits its ability to complement a sweeter Virginia. In the raw, you'd think it was an aromatic. But, upon first light, you realize that you've found one of the most interesting non-aromatic blends ever created.
5 out of 5
I Love It
My all time favorite tobacco. I’ve searched for something similar, but nothing else has the perfect sweetness and wonderful taste of this blend.
5 out of 5
Ani Kake
A sublime blend with excellent balance. The strenght is just right, the perique is applied with a light hand, which is just right (IMHO). This is a good cellar builder for all the right reasons and it is DENSE. If you buy any kind of weight of this, you will wind up with some serious bricks. Toss them in a jar and smoke the loose. BOOM.
3 out of 5
Not bad, but maybe I'm not the best reviewer.
First, I should explain my rating system. *****= all time favorite, ****= I've bought many times, ***= is a good tobacco I enjoyed but may or may not buy again, **= not necessarily bad, but not my thing (others may love it!), and *= a bad tobacco by any standards. That said, Anniversary Kake is a solid three stars. I'm not a huge fan of VaPer blends, so I may not be the best reviewer if you are a fan, but I am familiar with the flavors and delights of them. I liked it. It's obviously a good blend by my limited field of comparison. The Perique is not too figgy nor too spicy, and well balanced with the Virginias which are the true star here, IMO. It's a rather mellow smoke and quite relaxing. It is after all Hearth & Home, so you know it's quality. I'd have to say this is on the mild side of VaPers I've tried with only the slightest of headiness. This could be a good entry point for those looking to try a VaPer blend for the first time. Hope this helps.
5 out of 5
My favorite so far
Deliciously smooth, full, flavorful like creaminess. No bite!
5 out of 5
Very Smooth
I came to know from one of mine friend that you must try this tobacco and I am thankful to him. This is very smooth blend and if you smoke slow with slow deep will give you the best smoke.....
5 out of 5
A classic
This has to be one of the few at the top of my all-time list. Rich but caressing, lovely texture--if you can ever call tobacco smoke creamy, this is it. Like a good wine, it covers the whole palate, meaning that it has a melange of flavors, a touch of tree fruit, different wood fragrances, and a bit of spice-box. Bravo, Russ!
4 out of 5
Happy Anniversary H&H ,got me a slice of Kake .
I got a hold of a couple ounces of this from a fellow member at Fair Trade Tobacco Forums. He gave up pipes in favor of cigars, win for me,right? I have acquired my dads vintage pipe collection and so I brought out the old Harriels Meerschaum lined full bent to try this Anniversary Kake. What a pleasant smoke. Mellow and lightly sweet cold aroma . Took a few lights to get it going but once it caught (I'm smoking it as I type) its great. It reminds me of stuff my grandfather used to smoke. Not a heavy room note but definitely has the figgy aroma of the St James Perique in the blend. I can see why this is one of their best selling blends.
3 out of 5
Sweet Cocoa
This Va/Per is nice once it marries. The sharpness of the Perique mellows to a sweetness and ties with the Virginias to create a sweet cocoa-like flavor. It's not bad at all, but it's not a favorite for me because I don't care much for a sweet smoke.
5 out of 5
This was a surprisingly great smoke! Great flavor!
5 out of 5
Gets better with age!
I purchased this tobacco in 2014 and cellared it. After almost 3 years it has gotten much tastier. I initially bought a bunch because it looked delicious and was at deep discount. It tasted ok. Very bready. But now with some age it sure burns nice and taste has vastly improved imho. Glad I have over a dozen jars.
4 out of 5
One of my favorites!
It's a nice blend of raisin & chocolate that's not too strong or too mild. My only concern is that I wish it had a more pleasant room note.
4 out of 5
Smooth & Tasty
Soft, puffy tobacco. Smooth and tasty. Great tasting VaPer for those looking for a solid anytime tobacco. Excited to see what this tastes like with some age to it and thinking about pressing some just to see what comes if it. Russ said it's the base for his Fire Storm blend which I have heard great things about as well.
4 out of 5
Holding out for more!
I wanted to give this a solid five stars, but all throughout the bowl, I kept hoping for something more pronounced. I found it very one dimensional, which wasn't a bad thing. It's just that after reading all of the high praises, I was waiting to hit a home run, and only made it to third base. I enjoyed the Classic Burley Kake a whole lot more. Maybe, with a little cellaring time, this stuff might surprise me. Only time will tell?
4 out of 5
Terrific. Wonderful taste. Nice pouch aroma, although I found it to be somewhat faint. Had to really get my nose in there. But after just a few puffs I realized why it has good reviews. Wonderful non- biting feel with just enough spice to satisfy. Glad I bought it.
5 out of 5
Wonderfull Va/Per!!!
If ever there was a Va/Per blend for a pipe smoker to start with, this is it. The pouch aroma is fantastic with hints of fig and chocolate. As with most blends a few minutes drying time is in order. What my thoughts are is on lighting up the Virginia's used are the first then quickly followed by the goodly amount of Perique. The components of this blend as mixed, makes for a more than satifying smoke anytime of the day. Russ hit it out of the ball park with this fantastic all day smoke.
5 out of 5
A very nice VaPer
This blend has a pleasant fruity aroma similar to raisins or dried plums. It smokes smooth and mellow with a bit of fruitiness and just the right amount of spice in the taste. A really great VaPer and a new regular in my rotation.
5 out of 5
Great VaPer
This was my first VaPer. It was very good, both flavor and smoothness were very pleasant. Highly recommend...
5 out of 5
Anniversary Kake
So glad to find this blend again. Used to get it in Albany NY where it was a favorite when I worked there.
5 out of 5
num num
if someone were to ever say to me, " do you like the smell/taste of figs mixed with grass, sugar and a little vinegar"? i would most definitely say no. ask me the same question about my virginias and va/pers? Yes Ma'am! there is something special about virginias. they are picky but if done right, very very satisfying... This isn't a five star restaurant, or a burger joint, or that cafe down the road that does good thai. its your mother's soup. its grandma's pot roast. nothing fancy, nothing boring, nothing that particularly stands out, but all of the flavors all together make for something that is special. figgy grassy, a little ketchupy, sweet, and satisfying. i know why they sell loads of this stuff and why people like it.
5 out of 5
Quite a pleasant surprise.
Yeah. I'm a heavy Latakia smoker, currently was smoking Pirate Kake. However there are times when I want a change of pace. I purchased a pound of anny kake during a holiday special just for aging purposes. Well I recently dug into this blend just out of curiosity and now I can't stop smoking it. It's been sitting for about 4 months and I'm quite impressed. The charring light is a bit cigarette like but after that it's all smooth sailing. Medium bodied, very smooth, light sweetness, great flavor thru the nose. I find most vapers sting thru my nose but not this one. Light coco and dried fruit flavor. Very consistent as well, I've tried it in briar and cobs, big bowls and small. Just a great all around all day blend. I may have to order another pound as this "aging" blend is dwindling away.
5 out of 5
This Tobacco is Fab.
Just tried this tobacco and I have to say love this blend taste great and burns well not bite try this you will not be sorry.
5 out of 5
An excellent blend that smokes well, it's a real special treat!
4 out of 5
Intro to VaPers
This is my first VaPer. I think I may have found my genre of blend. Those Virginias are delightful. Maybe my palate is underdeveloped, but I don't get any of the tangy or spicy flavors that are alleged to signal the presence of Perique. Regardless, it's a wonderful smoke. I'm excited to further explore the VaPer world.
5 out of 5
One excellent VaPer
As always the service from pipes and was very fast and correct. On the the review. I hesitated to buy Anniversary Kake as I had been out off by another VaPer blend that was supposed to be the measurement of what all VaPers are graded against. I finally pulled the trigger on AK and I bought an ounce. I am hooked now! I have already smoked almost all of it and I placed another order already to get more on its way! I'm not sure what it is about this blend but I love it and it is now a part of my daily rotation! Kudos to Russ O. On this fine blend! I am hooked!
5 out of 5
Richard Webb's review.
Excellent Service, quick,accurate and courteous. The products are outstanding and I plan to do a lot of future business with Pipes and Cigars. The prices for the quality are nice. Richard Webb
5 out of 5
Exceptional Tobacco
Excellent balance of Perique and Virginia Flake. Hearty, but approachable. I will definitely buy more soon!
5 out of 5
Different strokes...
Different strokes for different folks, I hear. Anniversary Kake is a little mild for my taste. I like something with a definite room note and a taste that gets your attention. This is not it. I do, however, like the way it burns and the unlit aroma and texture.
3 out of 5
Too much perique for my taste
Uplifting fragrance, but tends to be a bit too heavy with perique, I think. It did not exactly bite, but it seemed to burn hot. I think the only way to smoke this is to nurse it very slowly. I cannot smoke it regularly, but only as a change of pace.
Customer Testimonials
Good stuff!
MH of Bronx, NY
This is a very smooth smoking blend. No bite. I have to admit, I expected more flavor, but, typically I smoke some full flavored tobaccos with relatively high nicotine content. I will try it again with my first cup of coffee, instead of at night with my second scotch/rocks.
JB of Seguin, TX
4 Stars! Flavor, burn, mouth-feel etc., this blend has it all! Each star bumps it up to the next star! I'd give it 5 stars for what it is if I could :-)
DL of Miami, FL
Wonderful medium strength, sweet spicey, sour, complex VaPer. Highly recommended.
AF of San Francisco, CA
Wow. This blend is fantastic! I found it more complex than I thought it would be. When it arrived, it was a little moist but I gave it about 10 minutes and it was set to go. The taste is sweet and reminds me of plums, raisins, bread and fig. As the bowl got about midway, the perique began to come out and make its presence. Towards the end of the bowl it changed again! The perique got a little stronger and the smoke became much more creamier with slight sweetness and tartness. Overall just a fantastic blend that goes to show how much of a genius Russ is. Gonna be ordering me much more of this for sure!
MB of Chicago, IL
Bought two ounces bulk to try this stuff out. Reminds me of an apple pie with more clove flavor and dark brown sugar and a little lemon in the back. Puts out a good amount of smoke. Will order more when the 2 oz. runs out.
IC of Pipersville, PA
Wow! Just received my 8oz tin from the backorder. I will say that this is a great mellow smoke. If you didn't tell me this was Mississippi River I wouldn't know the difference, and at half the Price! Will definitely be keeping stocked with this one. Great mild blend, and worth every penny. Kudos to Russ!
NE of Columbus Grove, OH
I just started my journey into the VaPer world and this is one of my first. I have to say this blend is great! It's hard to describe the tin note, but the flavor is awesome! It smokes smoothly. This is one of my favorites now! Great job Pipes&Cigars!
BW of Pomona, CA
I'll sum this review up in three words, in case you don't keep reading: seriously tasty tobacco. As an almost exclusively aromatics man, this was my foray into VaPer blends since I got a free tin with my Stanwell Hans Christian Andersen pipe (deal of the year, by the way--get one if you still can!). I'm often disappointed by aromatics that smell amazing in the pouch and in the room but let me down on taste. Anniversary Kake delivers on all of the above. It had a rich, satisfying tobacco taste that was smooth with natural sweetness and complexity and simply refused to bite (I only let it sit out 10 minutes before packing using the Frank Method, which I highly recommend). I only intended on trying it out, but had to finish the bowl because it was that good. It burned like a dream, smoked cool, stayed lit and tasted amazing all the way to the end of the bowl.
JA of Antioch, TN
I am a relatively new pipe smoker experimenting with various types of tobbacos. Traditionally I have been a aromatic smoker, and for the most part happy with that experience. On a whim (and by the reviews) I purchased some H&H anniversery kake and really loved the smoke, so heres my meager newbie reveiw. Pouch aroma is sweet, very remenicent of figs. The texure has some moisture, but burns very well, one light, pack and relight and I was good. Taste, is exceptional, with sweetness and very smooth tobacco flavors, with a little peppery ting from the perique, not bite though. Just order some more.......a lot more.
WB of Norwood, PA
When I first tried this, I honestly didn't care for it. I had ordered just a few ounces in bulk so, I jarred it up and set it aside. Well a few months have passed and I decided to try it again. Well, age changed all. This is a great blend. I don't taste a lot of perique in it, but it's there on he back side to add a little zest. I think this would be a great blend to cellar up for a while. Plan on ordering more just for that purpose. If two months adds this much, I'm curious to what a year or two will do. It's slightly sweet, medium in strength and flavor a lot of true tobacco taste and just a bit of zest with the perique. Room note is pleasant, and the aroma while smoking is quite nice. Burns clean all the way down to the heel with little to no bite leaving a nice silver ash. Doesn't over-heat, even with rapid puffer like myself. Mild enough to smoke all day, strong enough to satisfy. A hard balance to strike. It seems to be a very moist mixture, for whatever reason. I have set some out over-night to let it dry, and well, it doesn't. Oddly enough, it smokes dry, even though it feels moist. Will keep in a carry pouch for days. As a side note, though burley isn't mentioned in the components - this is a great "break in blend". It cakes nicely without leaving any ghost, except for tobacco and will burn consistently to the heel without over-heating. A good blend, I recommend trying some, just let it age a bit and you'll be rewarded.
TS of Tulsa, OK
Tasty, tasty Va/Per blend. Sweet with a nice tanginess to it, and a spicy tickle on the tongue from the Perique. The tobacco itself is a beautiful reddish brown with a fantastic tin note.
ND of Morristown, TN
This stuff is fantastic. Based on the description, I was expecting something sweet, but instead it surprised me... in a great way. Someone previously reviewed that this was like a "mean in a smoke"... I completely agree. It's very savory, mildly sweet and sour. Not in-your-face, but not super light. Very flavorful and pleasant smelling. One of my favorites already.
BC of Monument, CO
This is good stuff. I bought based on the reviews and I'm not sorry.
MG of Harrisburg, PA
Smoked straight out of the bag, this is a great smoke. Slightly sweet, chocolately, and raisiny, a real testament to Russ's blending and tobacco procurement skills. After I let it age about six months, it rounded out very nicely, shedding some of the sweet for a more robust flavor with the perique coming closer to the front stage and adding a wonderful pepperiness to the smoke. I have more bowls of this than Cheerios in the morning. Great with that cup of coffee in the AM.
CJ of Wichita, KS
I have been an on-again, off-again pipe smoker for a few years. No brand gave me real tasty enjoyment. Even those highly praised brands were nothing memorable. In the garbage they went. So when I got the itch again, I tried this one. I think I have struck gold. Actually I know I have, because I just ordered 4 more eight-ounce tins. Currently cheaper then bulk! Can't wait for my tax rebate. Naturally sweet taste and aroma, without being an aromatic. Doesn't bite much, maybe a tingle if you puff like a freight train. Nicotene is barely noticable, except towards the end a bit. Definitely full flavor that can be enjoyed all day long, without making you feel sickly. Corn cob will get very hot to hold. May need just a bit of dry out time before smoking. Does not taste like a cigarette. This is a good solid pipe tobacco, at a great price. More affordable then the cigars I used to buy. And great on-the-go!!!
CS of Grey Eagle, MN
Ok, lots of hype here about this smoke. Open the tin and get a great aroma. Figgy, sweet, raisin like scents. The tobacco itself is light in color soft to the touch, and slightly moist. Very promising. However it failed to preform at all. Yeast like flavor with a small amount of pepper. That's it. Maybe it will improve with some settling time, I hope so. I'll try it again in 6 months.
JA of Greendale, WI
This is by far my favorite VaPer blend, but it is a bit on the moist side. VaPer blend is about all I smoke, it's clean, sweet, and doesn't end with a disappointing off burn at the end of the bowl like many aromatics. Unlike many VaPer blends, this one refrains from biting the tongue quite as much as it's counterparts, the pouch aroma closely matches what is advertised here, definitely pick up a bit of sweet fig combined with a touch of pepper. Taste is fantastic, not overly sweet but definitely not a dry smoke. Sipping on this is recommended, taking your time will yield a pleasant room note , fantastic taste, and a clean finish.
SP of Brighton, CO
This tobacco has quickly become my goto smoke. I mean, I can't put it down. I get a sweet and sour taste ( matured virginias?) along with a nice dose of nicotine. If you like virginias then you owe it to yourself to give it a try!
MW of Mound City, KS
If you like Virginia/Perique blends, you will love this one. The Virginia blend is nicely complemented with the spices Perique. You do have to appreciate the Perique however, there is a good bit of it. Defiantly one to try, and for me, one to keep in rotation.
CR of Simpsonville, SC
If you want a tobacco that is going to taste good, smell good, and get compliments from non smokers, get yourself some anniversary kake from pipes and cigars, and we cant forget russ, cause he does all the great blending. I sometimes smoke other brands, but I always seem to go back to russ for the best blends around.
FI of scranton, PA
Blend to me is outstanding, quickly becoming my favorite go to smoke. Burns very well if you let it dry out a little. Out of the 8 ounce tin resemble shredded wheat in milk more than kakes. Good amount of perique. 4 out of 4 stars for me.
NP of Amelia Ct Hse, VA
This is one my favorites. Sweet and sour taste. It's like a meal in a smoke!
MW of Mound City, KS
Anniversary Kake is the perfect name for this blend, as the sweet, spicy, chocolaty, vanilla aromas remind me of a cake in the tin note. But, once you set the match to bowl it becomes a serious VaPer, sweet, yet serious tobacco taste coming through. Not peppery at all, but spicy like a pastry. But, with all of my descriptors like sweet and cake-like, don't get me wrong, this is not sweet from a casing, but from the pressed Virginias. If there is a topping or casing, it is well disguised.
MJ of Helena, AL
To all pipe smokers, you just have to try anniversary kake once and you will be hooked, russ really outdid himself on this tobacco, it is the best Virginia tobaccos that I have smoked, you will have to try it, and you will see. best of the best vapers. try it you will love it. frank
FI of scranton, PA
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