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Hearth & Home Signature Daybreak Pipe Tobacco
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Hearth & Home Signature Daybreak

Hearth & Home Signature Daybreak was developed by request from our friends at the New York Pipe Club during the time that Dunhill tobaccos weren't available in the US. It's inspired by Early Morning Pipe, but is not intended as a copy. A base of sweet Virginias with a moderated amount of Orientals and Cyprian Latakia measured out with a light hand make up this all-day English blend. Daybreak has been one of our best sellers now for years.

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Overall Rating4.52 out of 5 Based on 46 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Daybreak”

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5 out of 5
Great stuff
Great stuff
5 out of 5
My very favorite morning smoke.
My very favorite morning smoke. Goes great with a cup of coffee. Wonderful way to start you day...unless you have to go to work!
5 out of 5
I start every day with
I start every day with a cup of coffee and a bowl of Daybreak. A fantastic blend.
5 out of 5
I was a fan of
I was a fan of the "original" early morning pipe back in the 80s. So, during enforced down time I was curious about the 2 tobacco comparison - and found this one among the choices. I really like that it has a Latakia flavor that is there but very mild as well as the other tobaccos that make up the blend - the room aroma is also mild and pleasant - a bowl of the tobacco burns evenly and has a nice duration - over all I really like the blend and will be re-ordering.
4 out of 5
Good blend . Very compatible
Good blend . Very compatible to match 965 which is my go to
5 out of 5
Have this at Daybreak, you will be happy
I was impressed with the tabbacos involved in this blend, they all ticked a box for me. I was not let down. It spicy, it was bright, it had the leather. In my opinion it was a meld between War Horse and Cornell and Diehl's Haunted Bookshop. Definitely worth a try
4 out of 5
Very good
Nice EMP clone. Changing in the jar rather quickly. Better now than when i got it a month ago. Looking forward to see how it changes going forward.
5 out of 5
This is the first English
This is the first English blend I ever smoked and it completely surpassed my expectations. It has a wonderful, incense like quality to it that I really enjoyed and it leaves no nasty aftertaste whatsoever. An absolute must-have for those relaxing Saturday morning smoke sessions. Pairing this blend with a hot cup of lapsang souchong tea really takes the experience to the next level.
3 out of 5
Solid Bulk EMP substitute
Flavor is great - like EMP but fuller. Bit lighter on nicotine and not as smooth though - bites a bit on the second half of the bowl and a hint of ammonia sometimes. Still, a good value in the absence of bulk EMP.
4 out of 5
Nice smooth smoke. Nothing special
Nice smooth smoke. Nothing special but was impressed for the price
5 out of 5
One of the Finest blends from Russ O!
This blend is a little fuller than Early Morning Pipe. You can taste the Virginia for its sweetness along with the Oriental/Turkish for a sour tang. Finally the Latakia is there for a pleasant level of smokiness. Perfect blend for anytime, especially to start the day. I have smoked EMP and for me I choose Daybreak every time!One
5 out of 5
A VERY good morning smoke
I definitely look forward to Daybreak in my rotation of morning tabacs. 5/5
4 out of 5
Easy smoking English
Smooth and cool smoke; would definitely buy again
5 out of 5
Superb tobacco
Superb tobacco
5 out of 5
Day Break
I enjoy this tasted one very much . Gentle crisp bite to it. Keep this one on the selves .
5 out of 5
Perfect morning tobacco
Got this on the basis of it being “like” another (famous) tobacco and was not disappointed. Wish I’d ordered more than a sample!
4 out of 5
Hearth and Home Daybreak
I have been smoking a pipe for over a half century off and on. My first bowl of Daybreak wasn't so great, but with subsequent bowls in different pipes it got better. Over time I have come to like it more, it kind of sneaks up on you. It might not be my favorite but I like it for a change of pace and the flavor. Try some it might be number one for you. Nothing like variety to make life interesting.
5 out of 5
A good kickstart
This is one of my favorite day-starters! Paired with a strong cup of coffee this blend kicks me into high gear.
5 out of 5
I never had Dunhill’s morning but this absolutely perfect with my coffee
5 out of 5
Love it
This is one of my daily blends. No bite and burn perfectly.
4 out of 5
Great flavor!
5 out of 5
Very good tobacco.
I find this tobacco to be very pleasant with mellow flavors. A very nice morning smoke.
5 out of 5
EMP Who?
Outstanding morning blend! It’s my go to bowl every single morning. EMP WHO?
4 out of 5
Gets better everytime I smoke it.
This is my 3rd tobacco I've tried. I think it tastes better with a clinched sipping draw.
5 out of 5
Daybreak or anytime
Slight hint of smoke, perfect moisture and burn, packs great, maybe a little light-bodied. Excellent in the morning with coffee; just as satisfying warming up after a late meal.
4 out of 5
Daybreak Bulk
I found it very enjoyable still not quite what I was looking for I’m now smoking Nightcap Bulk match blend and liking it more
5 out of 5
Tasty smoke
A good blend to start the day. I look forward to trying this blend after it’s had some time to age.
5 out of 5
Early Morning Pipe has met its match
So I'm certainly not a connoisseur of pipe tobacco having only smoked a pipe for 5 or so months now. However, I have experienced quite a few blends in this time and EMP from Dunhill has been my morning wake up call. However, I knew The Dunhill travesty would soon force me to find a replacement for EMP. I tried several blends branding themselves as an AM blend and much to my dismay, they, in some way, disappointed. That's until....Daybreak. I'm gonna say it's better than EMP IMO. Here's why...depth of flavor is much more prominent with this blend. It's slightly more oriental forward, but not so much it's overwhelming. The virginias also seem to be more robust and they give a nutty, earthy, forestry type flavor. There's just something more gritty and delicious in this blend, much more flavor and when paired with some java, watch out EMP. Yummy!
5 out of 5
Daybreak, top of the line blend
I've tried them all over the years. DAYBREAK BULK is one of the best english blends on the market today, at ANY price!
4 out of 5
Great Outdoor Tobacco
This is a classic English blend. Some of the other reviewers note that it isn't particularly complex and thus a bit boring. I don't necessarily disagree with those comments. But a good daily driver is a lot like a good marriage. Having a fling with another woman might be very exiting and it might add variety to life (or so I'm told ... I've never tried it). But the problem with excitement and complexity is that the thrill passes fairly quickly. I am primarily an English and Balkan smoker. I experiment with a lot of different tobaccos. Often, after an ounce or two, I declare that this is my new daily driver and I'm tempted to buy several tins or 8 or 16 oz, if its in bulk. But then, after a month, I'm bored with the fling and ready to move on to the the next great thing. Daybreak, on the other hand, is a tobacco that I keep coming back to. I smoke it primarily as a lunting tobacco (that is, when I'm walking or hiking). It smokes extremely well in breezy conditions. It stays lit to the bottom of the bowl. When smoking it inside it is pretty ordinary, but outside the leathery taste of the Latakia hits me at the perfect level. Many tobaccos (especially the Perique forward and Oriental forward blends) tend to bite my tongue in breezy conditions, but Daybreak is almost always smooth. I find many Burley heavy blends taste dusty or possibly moldy. I know Daybreak has a pretty significant Burley component, but Russ must use a high quality Burley in this blend because I never find the Burley to be off putting. So, like a good marriage, this tobacco is steady, reliable, and while not the most exciting thing on the market, it is not a mere passing fancy. If I'm reading, I'll almost always turn to a Balkan blend with its spicy Orientals or a VaPer with a bit of peppery Perique. If I'm in the company of others who find Latakia off putting, I'll smoke a lightly topped Virginia. But if I'm doing yard work or out lunting, I almost always have Daybreak in my bowl.
4 out of 5
Not Same but Good Replacement
Not the same as Early Morning Pipe, but a decent replacement if you're looking for one. And it's a good tobacco in its own right. I have nothing against it really. Give it a try!
4 out of 5
Daybreak - bulk
A good tobacco. Maybe an all-day smoke. Could benefit from some cellaring since it was a little bit harsh. Definitely smoother with a Iittle more moisture. I could taste a light casing which adds to a slightly sweet-buttery top note. I guess this is what what is referred to as an american take on an english blend. Overall a nice not overpowering or too complex smoke.
5 out of 5
daybreak bulk
perfect smoke
5 out of 5
Hard to stop smoking this tobacco
It was a little wet whwn it arrived. I dried it out and, man i can smoke it all day. Light and a nice roomnote but yet you can tasye the latakia.
2 out of 5
Daybreak bulk.
I mainly smoke RLP6. Daybreak quite a change. I'm mixing the two to use the later up.wont buy again. TY.
3 out of 5
It's a good smoke
Not much to say, not very complex, not anything to rave about but it's still a good smoke
5 out of 5
Daybreak Bulk
This is a keeper. A great tobacco right out of the can, but after a 15 minute drying time get ready for a full flavored smoke that makes pipe smoking the joy that it is.
2 out of 5
Not bad but....
Not alot of good tastes coming from this blend. Kinda boring to me, but is a ok smoke
5 out of 5
Early Morning....or Mid Day
This was a very easy and mellow smoke for me. No big nicotine hit and stayed lit for me, which is a rare thing as I'm new to pipe smoking. Was very good with a cup of coffee on the morning, as well as an adult beverage later in the day.
5 out of 5
Goodbye EMP!
Very smooth and relaxing.
4 out of 5
People have different opinion. It's good but not as good as Dunhill Early Morning
5 out of 5
My all-time favorite, and I'll tell you why. I purchased a Cobbit Shire pipe a couple years ago when I was studying for the next highest level in the hair industry, in which I work. It was two weeks of non-stop book study, taking notes and practice tests. During that time, I had purchased several tobaccos. One was the Early Morning Pipe MATCH series AND the original Dunhill EMP. I LOVED the MATCH sooooo much better than the original EMP. Then it was discontinued and I was so disappointed. Then I tried everything that was "morning" related. When I found Daybreak, I jumped for joy because it was EXACTLY like my EMP MATCH. And I mean exactly. (It might even be it, I don't know). Unless EMP MATCH comes back, I will tell you that DAYBREAK is my daily. I LOVE it in my dedicated Cobbit Shire and no other pipe. The combo is PERFECT. Try it a Cobbit Shire. You will not be disappointed.
5 out of 5
H and H
Very pleased with all connected to this product -- quality and care.
5 out of 5
Terrific Morning Smoke - Mellow and Steady
New to pipe smoking. Using a MM Mark Twain corn cob pipe. First smoked Early Morning Pipe and liked it. Next day tried H&H Daybreak and liked it even better. Lit with one match only and stayed lit all the way to the end. Smoked it light and slow. No tongue bite. Seemed more mellow. Nice taste. Goes well with malty Assam Tea w/Milk in the morning. Smoked it in the evening and it was still great.
5 out of 5
Good Morning
I really like Daybreak anytime. I find it has no bite and I love it's smoky nutty flavor. Great aroma, smokes neatly to the end of the bowl.
5 out of 5
Smooth and Easy Smoke
Outstanding, Bite-Free blend, if you like Latakia blends this will make a solid addition to your tobacco rotation. Like a lot of folks have already said, this blend is great in the morning with a cup of coffee, but I have also found it tastes great with a good glass of Single Malt in the evening as well. Great all around English blend.
Customer Testimonials
Relatively new to pipe smoking, but love the smell of the smoky Latakia. Great with a morning cup of coffee very light smoke, burns cool and has a great room note. Highly recommended!
TS of Birmingham, AL
As I'm new in the pipe community, I read the reviews on this blend, and liked what I read. But I have to say this blend is not for me. The first time I tried it, it was okay. Then after about 5 more it got worse. Taste to much like cigarettes.
NJ of Boonville, IN
An excellant choice for someone trying out thier first english blends. Really nice flavor while remaining light and mellow.
TD of West Glover, VT
No, not a copy of another popular morning blend, but very, very good indeed. Somewhat light on the Oriental than at the tin, but nicely balanced overall. Pairs great with coffee and is a definite go-to morning and even all-day blend. Slightly dry, as with most English blends, Daybreak has no bite, burns clean, packs easily. Produces rich amounts of pleasant smoke. Will definitely keep this in stock.
VA of Reva, VA
Good English blend for someone just getting into them. Mild and easy to smoke.
EM of Rocky Mount, NC
I opened the tin and a very nice aroma! Mild room note and a delight to smoke. I'm enjoying this now with a nice cup of coffee. A great start to the day! I think this will be a tobacco that I will enjoy anytime of the day! Really feel these Hearth and Home blends are worth the money and will continue to try different blends to expand my list of tobaccos to use!
JK of San Bernardino, CA
Wonderful wondeful smoke. The name says it all and I look forward to hearing the coffee brewing as I know in a few minutes I will be enjoying a fresh cup of joe and a cob full of Daybreak. The tin note reminds me of the many true wood pit smoke shacks we have here down south. When you pop the lid, you know you are really in for a treat. The blend is welcoming but not overbearing in any way and when you start your char light, you know you will be drawing every last bit of this tobacco from the bottom of the bowl. Great in the morning or any time of day. Yet another 2 thumbs up blend.
MP of Locust Grove, GA
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