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Hearth & Home Signature Larry
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Hearth & Home Signature Larry's Blend

Larry Loerzel, one of our regular store customers, and connoisseur of English/Balkan blends had tried Ten to Midnight, and although he liked it, he was looking for something a little fuller and different. Based on his preference, we blended a full, traditional Balkan using Orientals that were more “buttery” and amped-up the Latakia. Hearth & Home Signature Larry's Blend has been a big hit among our full-bodied English fans; a cool-smoking, very rich mixture.

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Overall Rating4.45 out of 5 Based on 51 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Larry's Blend”

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5 out of 5
Mmhmm, delicious!!!
Out of all the "Balkan" blends I've consumed (Sooo many!), this by far is the tastiest imo. "Buttery" indeed, and this one has that creamy finish I crave in full English mixtures. Out of the park with this one!! Yummm!!
5 out of 5
Great morning smoke
If you like Frog Morton or Bill Bailey Balkan Blend, you really should try this.
5 out of 5
Smooth, cool burning and bite
Smooth, cool burning and bite free!
5 out of 5
Great mid day smoke
Great mid day smoke
4 out of 5
Good but nothing special
A routine, unexceptional tobacco. It made no special impression on me. In short it Is a pleasant smoke but not one I would strongly recommend.
5 out of 5
Bomb blend
It's daBomb
4 out of 5
Larry’s Blend
Frog Morton was my favorite, but Larry’s Blend comes closest to replacing it.
4 out of 5
Very enjoyable
The Orientals are different... Very unique taste that burns slow and cool, not bite. Nice aroma, not over powered by latakia. Very enjoyable.
5 out of 5
I enjoy it. Smokey smooth
I enjoy it. Smokey smooth English blend.
5 out of 5
Not an experienced pipe smoker,
Not an experienced pipe smoker, seems delicious.
4 out of 5
Well Worth A Try
Taste is so personal, a review is probably only valuable when compared with a knowable standard. For this smoker, who insists on a lot of latakia in a blend, but who likes very few of the latakia blends on the market, Larry's is one of the few that satisfies. In comparison to what? Well, I like the current John Cotton # 3 in tins, and the fine latakia blends by Smoker's Haven (made by Germain), such as Best Blend, or Exotique. If you like those, this is likely to please. MP
5 out of 5
Excellent English Blend
Tried this tobacco after using Balkan Supreme bulk blend for years. I find this tobacco blend much smoother and more flavorful, I like the smoothness of this blend and has very little if any bite or harshness. Rich Smokey Latakia and refined orientals make this my everyday smoke now, it’s just so tasty.
5 out of 5
latakia king
Lots and lots of latakia. I actually mix this with a bit of black cavendish...perfect
4 out of 5
Larry's Blend (bulk)
Got this because was highly rated,and I was stocking up on Balkans...this one has a bit more kick than some of my other Balkans...but is still very enjoyable as a taster while slowly smoking it..heavier in Latakia than I expected, Orientals are very forward also.
5 out of 5
it depend s upom\ which
it depend s upom\ which of the saples I got: I love te English oriental
3 out of 5
Good English for the money
Good English for the money
5 out of 5
awesome the closest I've come
awesome the closest I've come to Frog Morton
3 out of 5
I do not know what it is
Me and English tabboco have I long history,started smoking Dunhill English in1968 .all I know about tabboco I what taste good to me and really that is all that'll matter and the end of the day.and as for Larry's it has a after taste that is not pleasin other then that it is ok.
5 out of 5
A complex and well balanced blend
I have been enjoying Larry's Blend since its introduction. Larry's won a place in my rotation after H & H Blackhouse bulk was taken away. I was told that many customers complained that it dried up too quickly in the plastic bags. Frankly, I don't doubt it given the thin, cheap bags that were used back then. Our loss, now we have to buy it in tins. Anyway,,,, Larry's is a great substitute and a close namesake to Blackhouse. Try it, its not boring and yet also disciplined.
5 out of 5
Strong English, very good
When I want a strong English this one hits the spot
5 out of 5
a really fantastic blend
This is a really great English. I mean delicious. Creamy, sweet, smokey....its actually hitting a lot of the 'nightcap' buttons for me in a lot of ways, while still being its own thing. I will be jarring up a pound of this eventually I think. If you like Blackhouse, Star of the East, or Fusiliers Ration, or PS Luxury English, you really need some Larrys Blend.
5 out of 5
Very good. I recently tried
Very good. I recently tried Larry’s Morning Blend too, and I think it’s even better, but it’s received very little attention so far.
4 out of 5
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Good Stuff!!
4 out of 5
Latakia restrained...
A very good entry level mix for those considering English style Latakia mixes. It’s a good smoker with subtle Latakia flavor. Probably a good all day smoke for some. Pouch keeps it surprisingly fresh for a long time.
5 out of 5
Latakia lite...
Sweet, smoky, no bite, stays lit...really easy to enjoy on most levels.
3 out of 5
Sorry Russ, this is not for me. Did not care for the room note or the taste.Also had a bit of a bite. H&H in my opinion offer much better English blends. Your new blend DRAWING ROOM is a keeper. Please keep it in stock. I will be ordering this blend regularly. ;} It is one of the top five english blends I've ever smoked. The IZMIR tobacco in this blend sends it over the top for me...keep up the great service.
5 out of 5
Larry got it right...
Part of my very first P&C order some time ago and I’m just getting around to smoking it. My small Redman saddle bit billiard got the job this time...a familiar English billiard. Pouch note is fruity with a significant Latakia background. Moisture level was tolerable and after a few well packed pinches, an easy charring tamp and an easy light. A slightly sweet flavor, lotsa smoke, Latakia aroma. Pretty nice combo in my opinion I like sweet tobaccos and this one surely has sweetness. I like Latakia too but in smallish doses..once again, this is right on it. There’s a smallish bite but it fades quickly. A very smooth tasty Latakia blend I’ve tried...may adopt a few ounces for future use. Larry did the right thing in asking for this blend...don’t know him but we at least share good taste in tobacco.
2 out of 5
If you like sour patch kids, you'll love this.
I bought this as part of a sampler special, and I'm glad I did because it did not agree with me. It started out tasting like a really good sweet and smoky Balkan blend, but about halfway through my bowl the sour flavor started to appear, and grew in intensity until it felt like I was sucking on a mouthful of "sour patch kids" candies. I had seen other reviews mentioning the sour flavor, but wasn't able to tell from them just how sour it was or what "sour" would be like in a tobacco. Now I know! If you like really sour, mouth-puckering flavors like sour patch kids, then you'll love this. Alas, I do not.
3 out of 5
Ok blend, enjoyable smoke
Ordered in bulk. Product arrived in a flimsy ziploc type bag that would not stay closed, so tobacco was dry and difficult to pack properly. That said, it’s a pleasant English blend that’s good for a bowl or two, but a little strong to smoke all day.
5 out of 5
Very smooth smoke. Light, with good flavor.
4 out of 5
Nice balanced Latakia forward blend
This a very tasty soothing smoke! More complex than 10 to Midnight, and keeps much of the campfire room note that make Russ’s Latakia blends so appealing. There are a lot of Latakia-forward blend available, but this one is particularly nice. It's a keeper. I’ll probably order a pound and make it my standard smoke over the cold months.
5 out of 5
Worth It!
Awesome smoke! Tried it on a whim, and was very pleased! Great price, aroma is nice, and awesome flavors!
5 out of 5
A very nice blend
Not as good as BlackHouse or WhiteKnight, but a really good blend that is somewhat milder. I've really gotten where I'm enjoying this blend a lot. My wife isn't crazy about the room odor, but she's partial to the aromatics, which I only smoke to please her. I plan on stocking a few pounds of this in my jars to age.
5 out of 5
Easy smoking, great aroma
Great tobacco! Smells great, burns well, everybody loves the aroma! Just wish it was still available in tins!
5 out of 5
Larry's Blend
I like this very much. In fact, I am smoking it right now. It is very similar to my taste to Dunhill Early Morning. The latter is better but only by a tiny bit. I could smoke Larry's Blend every day for many years to come.
3 out of 5
Ok. Not blown away.
Relatively new to pipe tobacco, but I found this blend tasted like old ashtray/cigarettes. Especially further down the bowl.
5 out of 5
Larrys blend
Great smoke!
5 out of 5
Larry's Blend is awesome!
This review is from a woman who always loved aromatic blends until I found Larry's Blend. It's replaced Molte Dulce as my favorite smoke. Can't say enough about it. Others have posted details about it so I won't repeat those, just underline how wonderful it is!
5 out of 5
God Bless Larry
This is the blend I reach for when I want some rich Latakia flavors. I have smoked quite a bit of it and never found it less than fully satisfying, and usually mind-blowing. Cool burning and easy to smoke. It's what Dunhill Nightcap should be.
5 out of 5
A Perfect Potent Nightcap!
Definitely a nice smooth, buttery, and smoky mix! I love finishing the night off with a bowlful.
5 out of 5
i will buy this stuff again,seem to H&H is my blender.As a Balkan style lover i would consider this one is good version off it.
3 out of 5
Ten to Midnight on steroids... Whew!
Larry’s blend is exactly what it says it is. It’s Ten to Midnight with a more Oriental and Latakia presence and less of a Virginia presence. For me the Orientals and Latakia are too heavy handed in Larry’s blend. Ten to Midnight is a much more balanced and enjoyable tobacco.
5 out of 5
Larry's Blend
It was the worst tobacco I ever purchased. I put it in my Ref. to keep it moist and it stunk the whole thing and contents up . I ended up tossing it in the trash without even using it.
2 out of 5
5 out of 5
Solid Unique Flavor
Fantastic blend, gives that campfire aroma but I did feel there was an incense-like aroma that was a little strong. It's definitely different than my other blends and I'll definitely enjoy the rest of the 1oz that I bought, but I'm not sure if I'll get it again because of that extra hit of incense-like smell.
5 out of 5
A smooth, spicy blend that is not to be taken lightly
This stuff is unbelievable. I'm a cigar smoker who is quickly becoming a pipe smoker. The smooth spice is wildly appealing. This may easily become my go to blend. It's an easy smoke that just keeps on giving.
5 out of 5
Larrys Blend
Good mellow smoke.
5 out of 5
I have read about Larry,s blend for sometime, and during the Las Vegas pipe show I spoke with Russ. P&C was out of stock for awhile, but finally became available, I truly retreat waiting this long to order. Brief: No tongue bite, room note - 4 assuming you like Latakia, burns to a gray ash & and is an all day smoke. Poor used: Nording Seagull. Russ was, as always right!
5 out of 5
This is a definite winner...
As described. A very smooth, balanced, cool-smoking, full Latakia blend. I've been smoking a lot of this since I got my order, and I actually enjoy it quite a bit more than some of the more famous Dunhill blends (Nightcap and 965). When you consider the price, this is something I imagine I'll be buying pretty regularly.
3 out of 5
Nothing special
Nothing special it's ok definitely better around.
5 out of 5
Love this stuff!
Customer Testimonials
Recently ordered this as part of a P&C "Build Your Own Sampler" specials. Was I THRILLED with this one!! Absolutely delicious, Latakia blend, but with some spice, Oriental, and Turkish in there too for complexity and full body. Moisture in the bag was seemingly perfect. Packed, lit and stayed lit VERY easily and lasted a LONG time (like over an hour) and burned to fine, white ash. Taste-wise, this is a notch or two gentler in strength than say Nightcap, but it is so tasty and delicious, I could smoke this all day long. One of my other samples in this order was Lane BS-005 which is similar to a degree, but Larry's Blend was tastier, burned MUCH cooler, longer, and more thoroughly than the BS-005. VERY enjoyable blend for Latakia lovers!! I'm stocking up on this one.
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
One of the best English blends i have tried, flavorful and generous smoke on this one. Bursts of nuttyness and a lovely man cave room note. Will buy again
When I smelled this for the first time I was thinking buying eight oz of this was a huge mistake... it had a very chemical room note almost like floor cleaner but don't let the tin note fool you its a great tobacco blend. It has enough latakia to give it that smoky flavor that all of us English style fans crave. Smells something like Sherlock Holmes would smoke. Great late-night smoke just don't do it right before bed it has quite a nicotine punch. Recommended for full bodied English style fans.
JP of Durango, CO
Being the analytical type, I like things that make sense to me. With so many tobacco choices; while I’d like to try some, I don’t want to have a bunch of different blends on hand. To my way of thinking, that just complicates matters. So I’ve been in search of 2 standby blends (one English and one aromatic) and then others (as specialties) that fills a rotating third slot in my line up. Larry’s blend was suggested to me by some folks from the forum, I had posed a question as to what I might consider for this rotating 3rd slot. Larry’s blend is most definitely a winner! From the very first bowl I found this enjoyable. I’ve now smoked about 6 bowls and find very pleasant. The Latakia is evident but not over baring. It packs nicely and smokes very well. It has a great smell in the bag and billowing smoke that tickles my nose as I smoke it. My wife enjoys the smell as I smoke it. I can see myself buying more of this blend to rotate in and out of the coveted 3rd slot position, while Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe and Hearth & Home’s Vermont Meat Candy remain my everyday English and Aromatic smokes.
HT of Melbourne, FL
After 62 years of sampling and searching, I've finally found what I've been looking for: smooth, rich flavor, cool smoke, and a taste that no other tobacco can match. I live in the tobacco capital of the world, but I have to defer to the folks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who have finally satisfied my lifetime quest: the ultimate Balkan--by a wide margin. It simply has no equal.
RS of Richmond, VA
I am smoking a bowl as I write this now. The flavor and strength of this blend is truly wonderful. It reminds me of a nice stout dark beer with a hint of sweet subtle spiciness. It would go beautifully with a nice steak. I love this mix.
JH of Neenah, WI
A favorite. Almost can taste some menthol in it. Interesting and powerful taste.
DG of Trenton, NJ
New pipe smokers first impression: It smells terrible! Tastes pretty good though. Just starting to get into English/ Latakia blends, so they're growing on me.
EM of Rocky Mount, NC
Tried my first bowl today. Great flavor without being over powering. A wonderful smoke that you have to try if you like a great Balkan.
WW of Elizabethtown, KY
A nice burning tobacco that won't disappoint. Rich and smooth without an overbearing spice or smokiness. Overall, a great taste and cool smoke.
KB of fridley, MN
Larry's Blend was recommended by my brother. It's an outstanding smoke. Light's easily, full bodied, complex and smokes cool. I highly recommend Larry's blend, one of my favorites so far. Great job Hearth & Home (Russ).
KT of State College, PA
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